Friday, August 29, 2014

Hollish Nails- Monsters ; Mashed

Hollish Nails is a new brand to me, but I'm loving it so far. I got Monsters ; Mashed as part of my What's In-die? Box and It just stood out to me. I usually admire glitter jelly polishes but it takes a while to apply them since I hate glitter removal. Not this one. I snatched it up and put it on with some Glitter A-Peel.

Monsters ; Mashed is a blood red jelly with metallic glitters of varying colors in a sea of smaller red metallic glitters. I used two coats to reach this color with no VNL. If you want a lighter or darker base, you can adjust accordingly easily. It is a very topcoat hungry polish so I used three coats of Oh So Wet topcoat, but probably could have gotten away with two coats of a thicker topcoat. The formula was great and the picture feature very little cleanup.

I wore this to a wine festival with my family and my mom and sister constantly talked about how they loved it and wanted to wear it because it was so sparkly! Unfortunately the sun hid for my photos, but you can see how many glitters there are to sparkle in the sun.

Two coats of Monsters ; Mashed with three thin coats of topcoat in overcast sun

You can check out Hollish Nails on Facebook or Etsy

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sirref August Box Review

Sirref Box is changing up the way the sub boxes are being done- so if you are looking at this, think of it as a traditional Sirref Box, not a Beauty or Bath specific box! I think I'm going to be choosing the Beauty Box moving forward :)

August's box was a huge win for me and I'm so excited to finish using up all of these products and to buy some more. So no more babbling from me and on to the good stuff.

My selections were the Replenish Bubble Bar, Energy Bar soap, Feet Soakie Bombs, Sleepy Bye Night Cream, and there was a nice sample of White Tea and Ginger Bubble Crumble

This stuff is amazing! I am so addicted to it. It definitely gives me a nice boost when I use it and it is a pleasant scent of citrus-y orange and lime notes with a bit of sugary sweetness without being overpowering or lingering too long. I like that so it won't interfere with my perfume scents yet it gives me a morning wake up since I am not a morning person at all. My skin is soft and clean and best of all I don't break out from this at all. The bar itself is also a psychedelic blend of purple, blue, orange, yellow, green, and pinky orange. I just like to look at it in my soap dish, haha :-P

I haven't used these just yet since I'm saving them for my first week back at work in high heels, but it smells lovely with tea tree oils and they are packed with Epsom Salts which is known for its relaxing and detoxifying properties. I'm excited to try them and will report back. 

Chynel's Bubble Bars always yield tons of bubbles in my garden tub and are packed with skin conditioning oils. I don't even need lotion when I get out after a bath with these which is amazing considering I usually use scalding hot water. The Replenish Bar is a sweet and refreshing Cucumber Melon scent. It reminds me of slathering myself in Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon as a kid!
This White Tea & Ginger Bubble Crumble is an example of how amazing the customer service is! The heat in her home state has been making the Bubble Bars a delicate balance sometimes resulting in ones staying a bit squishier than usual. To apologize if the Bar received squished a bit in shipping due to the heat it is exposed to during transit she sent us an extra sample of a new product! That is amazing and definitely not required since she can't control what the weather does to stuff. The scent of this is intoxicating. It is deep and sultry yet it has some nice invigorating edges with the white tea notes. I definitely am looking forward to purchasing full sized products in this. 

This is another must have product for me. This is made with the purest shea butter and lavender leaving it as a super moisturizing and relaxing cream. It is thicker at room temperature but it just melts into your hands and skin once it touches. I like to slather it on my hands before bed. Not only does it soak into my cuticles beautifully but the lavender scent helps me drift off to sleep. As someone who has serious problems falling asleep, it is a miracle cream to me. I find myself putting my hands by my face in my sleep just to smell it lol.

As I said before, the style of the Box will change a bit with Chynel offering a standard across the board mystery box, but also dedicated Bath and Beauty boxes. Check out the options here:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Grumblethorp Loves Football Season!

I felt like doing a "start of football" mani and tried my hand at some simple freehand. I usually stick to decals or stamping because my freehand is always a bit shaky :-P

For the grass, I used Philly Loves Lacquer Grumblethorpe. This is a lovely two coat scattered holo that is the perfect grass color. It goes on smoothly and had no cleanup needed. For the football, I used Lilypad Lacquer Toffee which has that nice reddish brown of nice leather along with some flakies to give it character. The white detailing is Pretty Bitch Polish Crackwhore which is a quick and easy white with great opacity.

Two coats of Grumblethorpe and one of Toffee in full sun. 

You can find Philly Loves Lacquer at her site:  Esther is a master at creating things and her holos have a great scattered brilliance similar to Aly's which sparkles in every light.

Lilypad Lacquer can be found at: or at Nichole's holos are always on my favorites list so you should check it out!

Pretty Bitch Polish can be picked up at: Of course I love these and their cheeky names :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Good Morning, Vietnam! A Robin Williams charity polish

With so many around the world saddened by the passing of the great Robin Williams, the community has been banding together to raise awareness of depression and its ties to suicide. Jodi, the brains behind Nail Polish Indie Brand has created a wonderful charity polish for the cause.

Good Morning, Vietnam! is a thermal jelly with holo glitters that changes from olive drab to morning sunshine yellow as it gets hot. Jodi created this as a part of the #fightforlightandlive event honoring Robin Williams and to bring awareness.

Depression is all too real. You can't tell who is struggling for it and it's often hard to provide support for those who are. This cause is dear to my heart as I'm a seven year struggler. Thankfully mine is fairly mild a majority of the time and the really rough patches are spaced out but it's very real. It's hard to deal with it especially when most people don't understand that it's not just "not making yourself happy" but rather an actual chemical imbalance in your brain that is no fault to you. Unfortunately it also leads a lot of people to suicide which is very preventable with a good support system.

In response Jodi is donating all proceeds from Good Morning, Vietnam! to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline which will help them combat the 37,000 losses due to suicide each year. I urge you all to check out her polish and consider helping her donate to this wonderful cause. If anything, you get a gorgeous polish out of it :) Help us all bring awareness and wear your green manis to show support!

Three coats of Good Morning, Vietnam! in its hot state shown in full sun. This is a jelly polish so you will have to layer to reduce VNL or use some undies. It feels so fantastically squishy though and has great control for minimal cleanup! 

 Good Morning, Vietnam! transitioning from its hot state to its cold state :) 

For the next three, I used a nude cream undie which really made the colors pop. This is two coats of  Good Morning, Vietnam! over a beige cream. 

 Good Morning, Vietnam! dipped in some ice water to show you the crisp fall drab olive side

 Good Morning, Vietnam!  in transition over a beige cream polish base in full sun. 

You can find Nail Polish Indie Brand via their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Website

Good Morning, Vietnam! will be launching on August 24th at 1PM EST. 

Price & Donation amounts:
Full size 15ml- $10 + shipping => $6 from each bottle donated
Mini 5ml- $5 + shipping => $3 from each bottle donated

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

*Spoilers* August What's In-die? Box Macros!!

What I love about getting this box is how it pushes me into zones I wouldn't have imagined. There is only one out of this box that I probably would have bought on my own. That is a pity because now that I've swatched them I am so freaking in love with all of them!!! This definitely is a total knock out of the park for me :)  All macros are taken in the sun.

The theme this month was the maker's favorite cartoon character. Here are the inspirations for each polish:

Tomcat Tales by Lilypad Lacquer

First up is my always favorite brand- Lilypad Lacquer and her Tom & Jerry inspired polish! This is a gorgeous baby grey holo. Just like all her holos, it is absolute perfection! It has almost a slight purple lean for me which I love but is pure grey in other lights. It seems like it has some blue microshimmers in there too! 

Smurf's Up! by Peita's Polish

Peita always makes the most amazing glitter blends :) This one is a base of blue microshimmer packed with white and blue micro glitter and larger blue hexes and white squares. It layers nicely and I think I'll either put this over a dark grey or a deeper blue to bring out its personality. 

Beetle Juice by Gloss n Sparkle

I absolutely adore this glitter blend. I'm iffy with some glitters, but this one is going to become one of my favorites, I can already tell. It is a clear base packed with purple, white, and black glitter of varying shapes and micro holo glitter. It is great is one coat which is how I'll likely wear it. I used two in the swatch. 

Schmickey by Miss Ashleigh

This one was a pleasant surprise! Usually when I see Mickey I brace myself for those head glitters. However Ashleigh predicted this and took a spin on the usual idea. She made a cream crelly base with holo, red and gold micro glitter, and larger red and gold hexes. It is so creamy and lovely. Included are some black Mickey heads if you want to include these. I like that she left it up to us. It makes it super versatile and ensure that I will be using this. 

Monsters; Mashed by Hollish Polish

I had never used this brand before, but this polish makes me inclined to like it :) It is a deep magenta red jelly base packed with darker multicolored holo glitter. It definitely screams Monsters to me. It went on perfect in two coats and if you want a lighter base you could get away with one coat for sure! 

What do you think? You can purchase the What's In-die? Box each month from Peita at her BigCartel site
The September pre-order is live now! 

You can also message her to add up to two polishes from her personal line for no extra shipping costs :) 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Color of the Year is.....Orchid, Duh!

Orchid is a pretty touchy color for me. On it's own I'm not too crazy about it- but I've liked variants of it like Smitten Polish Radiant Orchid. This Pretty Bitch Polish Orchid, Duh is also one that I'm really liking. It has a soft shimmer to it and is an understated version of orchid that just works.

I've used two coats of Orchid, Duh and no top coat for the first pictures. It is a creamy polish that has a good formula and self levels and doesn't pool in your cuticles. I then topped it with a dusty pink glitter that gives it a nice bit of oomph!

Two coats of Orchid, Duh with no top coat in direct sunlight

Orchid, Duh topped with a coat of Dildo which is a metallic holo glitter blend in a clear base.
No topcoat was used.