Thursday, May 29, 2014

Name's Hades, Lord of the dead, How Ya Doin? meets Keep Calm, I'm Wonder Woman

This mani has a nice bit of contradiction to it :) These two polishes both came as part of the What's Indie? Boxes that I get each month from Australia. In these boxes, you get 5 exclusive polishes made by Australian makers. Lilypad Lacquer and Peita's Polish are always included while the other three slots rotate. Peita from Peita's Polish puts them all together and ships them out. Each month the polishes are centered around a theme for the makers to draw inspiration from. The upcoming box for June is maker's choice though as long as they make a holo for the one year anniversary!

These two polishes are both from the March Superheroes and Villains box. I combined a villain with a superhero :) The base Lilypad Lacquer color is inspired by Hades from Hercules and is named Name's Hades, Lord of the Dead, How ya doin? I just love that name. The second Peita's Polish is inspired by Wonder Woman and is called Keep Calm, I'm Wonder Woman.

Name's Hades is a creamy baby blue base with blue glass fleck and holo pigment. This makes it shimmer as if it were the fire from Hades hair on your nails! It had a smooth application and required little cleanup as it had great control.

Keep Calm is a glitter bomb composed of holo blue and red glitter with tiny white microglitter and silver holo stars in a clear base. This is just one coat on my nails as you get plenty of glitter payoff in one brush stroke. I did have to fish for the stars, but I didn't roll the bottle as well as I should have before application. Both are topped off with some topcoat to seal it in though I did use two coats over the glitter to get it perfectly smooth and glassy.

One coat of Name's Hades over Bondi Blue Skies topped with Keep Calm and Poshe topcoat in indirect sunlight. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reavers- Ballad of Serenity- Aly's Dream Polish

Aly's Dream Polish has been back up and running for a while now after a few months of medical leave last year. She is best known for her crisp scattered holos that are super jelly and sparkly in all light. Most of them take a few coats to reach opacity in order to show maximum holo. Aly has a huge following and you will see a lot of Aly's lovers out there.

Reavers is a muddled red scattered holo with black matte glitter shards. This is part of her Ballad of Serenity tribute collection and is a little unlike her typical holos. The inclusion of glitter makes this stand out from her usual solid holos in solid rainbow colors. True to her line, Reavers built up to opacity in three thin coats and had a smooth self-leveling formula. I had great control and barely had to do cuticle clean up to get a clean line. The holo is apparent in both natural light and direct sunlight giving it some extra dimension. The red leans either pinky orange or blue brown depending on the light. With Reavers, remember that the shards can stick up in places so make sure to use a hefty coat of TC to feed the hungry glitters :)

The only downsides for me with Aly's is that her polishes separate very easily in storage so they require some serious shaking before use and that they are sometimes thin in formula. I'm impatient and can never sit through three or more layers of polish in addition to my base and top coats. For some people, the thin formula is a plus though because it gives that extra holo dimension and squishy holo feel. I also loathe VNL almost to the point of fear!

Three coats of Reavers in full sun with a coat of Poshe top coat.
You can see the warmer tones of the polish coming out with the sun. 

Aly's Reavers in indirect natural light showing the slightly cooler side. 

You can find Aly's Dream Polish in her Storenvy: and on her Facebook

Friday, May 23, 2014

May Golden Tote

Back when I first started this blog, my content was primarily my work outfits and a little bit of nails. I was trying to grow my college kid wardrobe into a more adult and of course lawyerly wardrobe. Once school kicked in, that all regressed and I went to exclusively nails. Today though I have a bit of fashion again.

Golden Tote is not your typical clothing subscription. They have two levels of service and are very interactive. The two options are:

  • $49- You get to pick one item from their monthly choices and then they surprise you with 1-2 extra pieces in your bag. They guarantee you will get up to a $250 value.
  • $149- You get to pick two items from their choices and you get 3-5 surprise items. The tote value here is up to $600. 
They launch new bags on the first Monday of each month and they ship out within the next two weeks. While you can't return individual items if you don't like them, you can return your whole tote if not enough items are to your liking. The brand also has its own Facebook group where members can swap or buy items from other Golden Tote-ers! 

On to my picks and surprises :) These aren't fully styled since I'm still moving into my house (see the lack of baseboards :-P ), but here they are: 

LtoR: Priddy by Puella Navy Swing Dress; Naked Skies Tabbed Sleeve Dress; Carol C Chevron Dolman Top; Porridge tank; Collective Concepts Pleated Print Top; Collective Concepts Web Trimmed Tunic
My picks: 
  • Collective Concepts Pleated Print Top- I loved the Ikat print and the fact that this top is so pink it's almost neon. It will make a great summer top for casual outings or it could be dressed up for work with a pencil skirt. It has a loose fit, but the v-neck helps break it up and the slimmer sleeve structure makes it look good even though the body is looser. This is a keeper.

  • Collective Concepts Tunic: I love the look of this top so much. It is a light flowy fabric that breathes and hangs well. It is a bit sheer so you need to wear a nude bra or cami underneath. When it's not tucked in, it comes to about the bottom hem of my shorts making it wearable with tights. It is an XS but the fit is more of a S to me. It definitely has more room than I'm used to. I might take in the sides a bit to make it more comfortable for me, same goes for the sleeves. This is a keeper. 
My surprises: 
  • Puella Swing Dress- The concept of this dress is cute, but there are a few things that keep me from loving it. The sleeves fit more out toward the edge of the shoulder and I've just never loved that look on me. I also would prefer it to have a more open neck. I might take in the sleeve edge or trade this. The fabric is super soft and it has great flow! Some people have had problems with it being too short. I'm 5'4" for reference. This is a trade.
  • Naked Skies Dress- I was really weary of getting this dress because dropped waist dresses usually look terrible on me and bag at the top since I have a short torso. This one surprised me by falling at just the right place! The sleeves also can be rolled up with a tab at the elbow. This is a keeper!
  • Chevron Dolman Top- This is another I was weary of. They said it would have a fitted waist which screamed baggy top to me. However, the fitted waist is done brilliantly. Instead of being a band of smaller fabric sewn at the bottom, the shirt tapers to a smaller waist. This helps keep the Dolman shape while letting me adjust where the waist wants to fall. The fabric is super soft and drape-y making it comfortable and flattering. This is a keeper and I'm wearing it out tonight!
  • Porridge Tank- I love this so much! It is a striped fabric in the front and a teal subtle floral fabric around the rest. The back is also slightly longer and more billowy. The floral has some sheer places, but not enough to require you to wear an undershirt. This one is a bit too billowy on me and I'm considering just throwing an extra seam in to take it in. If I always wear it with shorts though, it will look fine as is. This is a keeper. 
What do you think? Will you be getting a tote soon? 
If so, consider using my referral link:,/

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

She's Gone Dotty

So I'm a bit out of practice on the nail art loop since I've been so busy with school and moving, but I wanted to try something fun again.

This is a double layer dotticure using three Pretty Bitch Polishes, the two neons are currently unnamed but will be coming in June. The white is her staple one coat white- Crack Whore.

What do you think? I am a little antsy since I was moving to slowly and my white started to dry and string up. I don't think it's too bad for being out of practice. How do you think I could improve it? I'm also trying out a new top coat from Sally's- Oh So Wet. It's pretty thin, but has good control and great shine so far.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Engagement Giveaway!!

My Engagement Giveaway is live :)

A vegan friendly man friendly candle in a whiskey tumbler made and poured by Fire Hill Candles. This is generously donated to help pamper the men out there :) 

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, May 3, 2014

What Awesomely Nice Melons

As part of the Bring in The Sun Collection, Jaclyn decided to toss in a perfect summer creme. Nice Melons is a deliciously pigmented watermelon creme. I love a good creme polish and this one is right on par.

Nice Melons will go on streakless and opaque in just one coat. My OCD blogger self used 2 coats just to be safe. I accented it with a finger of Fucking Awesome, a holo microglitter that is slightly more red than Nice Melons, but not quite a pure red. It comes in a clear base and is great for full coverage or the glitter tips I also created here. I used a topcoat to smooth out the microglitter bumps but Nice Melons has insane shine on its own and is quick drying too.

Nice Melons does dry a touch darker than in the bottle so remember that when picking pairings for it :)

Two coats of Nice Melons and an accent of Fucking Awesome in the sun. 

Nice Melons and Fucking Awesome in full sun. Here you can really see how level and opaque Nice Melons is! It dries a touch darker than in the bottle. 

Both of these will be released May 5th at 9PM EST on

Friday, May 2, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer- Toffee Apple

I'm back to one of my trusted brands, Lilypad Lacquer. Toffee Apple has been out a while but I'm just getting around to trying it. While I've finished my last law school requirements, I'm having to start packing for my move in two weeks at the same time. This was a celebratory I'm done mani! I put it on the day I finished while watching Supernatural :)

Toffee apple is a blackened base that has a green/gold/red tone to it. It stays green and gold for me most of the time, but in low light the red side will peek out at me. The formula was perfect as always and went on opaque in two coats. I didn't use a base coat or top coat this time, but it still stayed on for two days with no tip wear before I took it off. That was even with packing putting wear and tear on it too! It was manageable so I also did zero cleanup on it. I have to get back in  my polish art mode soon!

Two coats of Toffee Apple in the sun.

Toffee Apple in full sun. You can see some of the red side peeking out on the bottle and at the edge of my pointer finger!