Monday, September 15, 2014

Smitten Polish Cauldron of Rainbows & Nimbus

I absolutely love this mani! It will likely return for my October Halloween rotation.

I used Smitten Polish Cauldron of Rainbows and Nimbus on the accent nail. The stickers are decals from Eat. Sleep. Polish. Cauldron of Rainbows is a wonderful black holo. Unlike most black holos it doesn't lean grey or silver. In some lights it carries a tiny purple tinge on me but I like it since it makes the black more wearable. Nimbus is a dove grey holo that is so perfect in every way! I always wanted to wear the white nail look but it was too stark for me. This is a nice variation on it that I can definitely wear. Nimbus is a creamy holo so it goes opaque in just 1-2 coats. Cauldron of Rainbows is her classic jelly holo which can take 2-3 coats, but the holo payoff is so worth it!

The decals are going to be some of my go tos! They peeled off easy and stuck like crazy. I didn't have edges coming up or difficulty placing them. They held up well as I took them off the sheet and even held up through my acetone. To remove them I dipped my nails in my usual acetone tub and then used a soft rubber orange stick to push the leftover decal off my nails. Look for these coming soon because I have cats, unicorns, and owls!

Smitten Polish Cauldron of Rainbows and Smitten Nimbus with Eat. Sleep. Polish cat nail vinyl

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