Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Color of the Year is.....Orchid, Duh!

Orchid is a pretty touchy color for me. On it's own I'm not too crazy about it- but I've liked variants of it like Smitten Polish Radiant Orchid. This Pretty Bitch Polish Orchid, Duh is also one that I'm really liking. It has a soft shimmer to it and is an understated version of orchid that just works.

I've used two coats of Orchid, Duh and no top coat for the first pictures. It is a creamy polish that has a good formula and self levels and doesn't pool in your cuticles. I then topped it with a dusty pink glitter that gives it a nice bit of oomph!

Two coats of Orchid, Duh with no top coat in direct sunlight

Orchid, Duh topped with a coat of Dildo which is a metallic holo glitter blend in a clear base.
No topcoat was used. 

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