Friday, August 29, 2014

Hollish Nails- Monsters ; Mashed

Hollish Nails is a new brand to me, but I'm loving it so far. I got Monsters ; Mashed as part of my What's In-die? Box and It just stood out to me. I usually admire glitter jelly polishes but it takes a while to apply them since I hate glitter removal. Not this one. I snatched it up and put it on with some Glitter A-Peel.

Monsters ; Mashed is a blood red jelly with metallic glitters of varying colors in a sea of smaller red metallic glitters. I used two coats to reach this color with no VNL. If you want a lighter or darker base, you can adjust accordingly easily. It is a very topcoat hungry polish so I used three coats of Oh So Wet topcoat, but probably could have gotten away with two coats of a thicker topcoat. The formula was great and the picture feature very little cleanup.

I wore this to a wine festival with my family and my mom and sister constantly talked about how they loved it and wanted to wear it because it was so sparkly! Unfortunately the sun hid for my photos, but you can see how many glitters there are to sparkle in the sun.

Two coats of Monsters ; Mashed with three thin coats of topcoat in overcast sun

You can check out Hollish Nails on Facebook or Etsy

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