Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Grumblethorp Loves Football Season!

I felt like doing a "start of football" mani and tried my hand at some simple freehand. I usually stick to decals or stamping because my freehand is always a bit shaky :-P

For the grass, I used Philly Loves Lacquer Grumblethorpe. This is a lovely two coat scattered holo that is the perfect grass color. It goes on smoothly and had no cleanup needed. For the football, I used Lilypad Lacquer Toffee which has that nice reddish brown of nice leather along with some flakies to give it character. The white detailing is Pretty Bitch Polish Crackwhore which is a quick and easy white with great opacity.

Two coats of Grumblethorpe and one of Toffee in full sun. 

You can find Philly Loves Lacquer at her site:  Esther is a master at creating things and her holos have a great scattered brilliance similar to Aly's which sparkles in every light.

Lilypad Lacquer can be found at: or at Nichole's holos are always on my favorites list so you should check it out!

Pretty Bitch Polish can be picked up at: Of course I love these and their cheeky names :)

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  1. I love it!!! Grumblethorpe seems to be very popular with football manis!