Friday, August 22, 2014

Good Morning, Vietnam! A Robin Williams charity polish

With so many around the world saddened by the passing of the great Robin Williams, the community has been banding together to raise awareness of depression and its ties to suicide. Jodi, the brains behind Nail Polish Indie Brand has created a wonderful charity polish for the cause.

Good Morning, Vietnam! is a thermal jelly with holo glitters that changes from olive drab to morning sunshine yellow as it gets hot. Jodi created this as a part of the #fightforlightandlive event honoring Robin Williams and to bring awareness.

Depression is all too real. You can't tell who is struggling for it and it's often hard to provide support for those who are. This cause is dear to my heart as I'm a seven year struggler. Thankfully mine is fairly mild a majority of the time and the really rough patches are spaced out but it's very real. It's hard to deal with it especially when most people don't understand that it's not just "not making yourself happy" but rather an actual chemical imbalance in your brain that is no fault to you. Unfortunately it also leads a lot of people to suicide which is very preventable with a good support system.

In response Jodi is donating all proceeds from Good Morning, Vietnam! to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline which will help them combat the 37,000 losses due to suicide each year. I urge you all to check out her polish and consider helping her donate to this wonderful cause. If anything, you get a gorgeous polish out of it :) Help us all bring awareness and wear your green manis to show support!

Three coats of Good Morning, Vietnam! in its hot state shown in full sun. This is a jelly polish so you will have to layer to reduce VNL or use some undies. It feels so fantastically squishy though and has great control for minimal cleanup! 

 Good Morning, Vietnam! transitioning from its hot state to its cold state :) 

For the next three, I used a nude cream undie which really made the colors pop. This is two coats of  Good Morning, Vietnam! over a beige cream. 

 Good Morning, Vietnam! dipped in some ice water to show you the crisp fall drab olive side

 Good Morning, Vietnam!  in transition over a beige cream polish base in full sun. 

You can find Nail Polish Indie Brand via their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Website

Good Morning, Vietnam! will be launching on August 24th at 1PM EST. 

Price & Donation amounts:
Full size 15ml- $10 + shipping => $6 from each bottle donated
Mini 5ml- $5 + shipping => $3 from each bottle donated

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