Monday, June 23, 2014

Treat Yourself with Sirref! Part 1

If you follow my FB page, you've seen me post about Sirref Bath Treats before. I stumbled across this shop in a FB group. It was started by Chynel who loved using LUSH products for herself and her son, but hated paying high prices. She was interested in a quality product using ingredients that are safe for even the most sensitive skin. Here is her shop description:
Homemade bath treats. They are packed with moisturizing nutrients that will leave your skin so amazingly soft and hydrated. I started this up because I love going and buying bath bombs but cannot stand paying 8-10 dollars for one because that's only one bath! So I wanted to give people the opportunity to pay less and to actually get more. These bombs are the best bath bombs for you skin! After you try one of my bath bombs, you won't get them anywhere else!
Intrigued, I bought a few and was addicted. I have also worked with Chynel to create my own custom bath bomb that I'll review below! There are 5 products up for review, three today, two tomorrow- each of which was purchased with my own money and gives my honest review. I was given nothing in exchange for the review. *photos are Chynel's since I used my products before photographing :-P*

Sex on the Beach Bath Bomb

Described as: 

The sweet smell of Sex on the Beach. The bomb is packed in with a TON of coconut oil, and olive oil to make it last longer. Your skin with be so soft after just one time!

My take: 

This bomb definitely a joy to use! It turned the color a gorgeous shade of pinky purple and added tons of hydration to my skin. It smelled of fruity notes of cranberry and oranges for me. The scent was a bit faint for my liking, but my nose doesn't pick up delicate notes very well. After even an insanely hot bath, my skin was super moisturized after getting out of the bath and I was able to skip the lotion altogether before going to bed!

Peppermint Bliss Bath Bomb

Described as: 

Inspired by Alyssa Kisby! She wanted a bomb that could bring her back to the Christmas seasons in her tub anytime of year! This has the absolute perfect aroma of peppermint and vanilla.
The neat thing about peppermint oil is that it helps with all types of discomfort. It helps with tummy aches, cramps, nausea, headaches and sore muscles. So if you are ever feeling a little under the weather, just take a nice bath to bring you back up!

My take:

Well obviously I'm going to love this as I helped to create it :-P I have an addiction to all things peppermint. Chynel was amazing and designed this bomb filled with peppermint and a hint of warm vanilla to round it out. It's minty without assaulting the nose or being a Vicks scented bath! True to the others, it leaves the skin super soft. It also turns the bath a pale shade of pink and leaves a slow dissolving rose floating around! 

Sleepy Bye Bubble Bar Set

Described as: 

This Bubble Bar Set is the perfect night time remedy. The aroma of Lavender is going to drift you into a sweet coma. Packed in with Vitamin E to give you that intense healing for your night time remedy. Olive oil to help the vitamin E in longer. Helps with brown spots because of the anti-aging it promotes and it is also an effective treatment for dry and cracked cuticles. It hydrates and smooths and prevents future cracks. The perfect way to get your beauty sleep, moisturized.

This set contains 3 mini bubble bars, that way you don't have to break able a full size and make a mess!

My take: 
If you or your child has trouble sleeping, take a nice warm bath with this and you will be knocked out in no time! The scent is a perfect balance of lavender to relax you and help you drift off. I was already tired so I found myself drifting off in the bath! It was my first time using a bubble bar so I wasn't sure what to expect. These are divided into three small bars each designed for one or two baths depending on your water pressure and tub size. I started with about 2/3 of one of the bars, but I found that my water pressure isn't the worlds best and I probably want to use a full bar for each bath. I also have a garden sized tub. I got a fair amount of bubbles, but then again I think I will get more with a larger portion and better pressure. The bar wasn't quite as moisturizing for me as the bombs, but the relaxation aspect was definitely awesome. She makes this scent in a bomb too which might be my go to over the bars.

You can find Sirref Bath Treats on Storenvy and Facebook

Soon there will be a new store, so the products in the Storenvy store are 50% off. Just add two products to your cart to meet the 2 product minimum. Once the new site is up, the inventory will be replenished so don't fear if something is out of stock! 

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