Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Smitten Polish Jamaican Sunset

While studying for the Bar I might post some manis through phone photos over my usual camera images. They are slightly less polished, but I want to keep sharing with you all!

This beauty if a group custom by Smitten Polish called Jamaican Sunset. It is an insanely neon pink holographic jelly-ish polish with a coral shimmer. I call it a jelly-ish polish because she used pure pigment and holo only to help preserve the neon color so it is a bit see through. This helps though because once you build it up, the holo layers give so much dimension! I would hoard this polish if I could! Next time I might use an undie just to save myself from using so much polish to make it last.

This is three coats with top coat. It is a thinner formula since it is just pure pigment and holo pigment. It has great control though and dries super quick. Unlike most neons, it's not a super matte finish, but just a slightly less shiny finish than usual. It has an eye-blinding neon color in all lights, but in low light it shows a gorgeous coral color shift to it!

Three coats outdoors in direct sun. There is so much holo here, but the pink just takes over and drowns it on camera :-P 

Full sun :) 

Indoor macro shot! You can see all the holo jelly goodness here 

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