Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let's Have Some Jungle Juice!

Neons have really caught my eye lately and all big polish makes are putting their spins on neon collections. Jaclyn over at Pretty Bitch Polish has put a great spin on this with a huge collection!

The Pretty Bitch Polish Neon Party Collection consists of 10 cremes, 4 glitters, and 5 holos! Whew! The holos are named for her scene in The Other Woman which was a blacklight neon party while the cremes are named after those fantastic summer drinks we all enjoy :)  I was able to take a peek at two of the cremes last month and they are to die for. I'm dying to get my hands on the rest of this collection.

This gorgeous neon purple is called Jungle Juice! True to Jaclyn's formula, it has no problems with consistency or application. Unlike a lot of neons, it does not streak at all and required no undies to pop. To show you its opacity, I tested it over white as well. All nails except the ring finger are two coats alone. The ring finger is two coats over white. I went with two coats over white just because one coat over white was a tad patchy since I couldn't completely control how much my shaky hand was depositing everywhere.

I used a matte top coat to add some dots on top for part of a nail art challenge Jaclyn and I are having with some of her fans :) What do you think?

Jungle Juice- two coats in indoor lighting

The Neon Party Collection will be launching July 7th at 9PM EST at

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