Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Double Shot of Flowers

I'm in the process of swatching Pretty Bitch's July collection and running a Nail Art Contest in the Pretty Bitch fan group in between my Bar studies. This quick macro is a snippet of my polish work that I wanted to share. 

The theme for tomorrow's nail art is floral so I wanted to give the girls a quickie demo of an easy nail art design that anyone of any level can complete. I painted over the swatch of Jaclyn's July limited edition I had on (currently unnamed) and grabbed a dotting tool. 

First, I put dots of Pheromone on my nail for the centers. Then I switched to a larger end and dotted 5 dots of Double Shot around each center. To add some sparkle I dabbed Fucking Yeah, Baby! into the centers. The combination is a really warm and comfy floral mani. 

I do have some tips from what I learned: 
  • Use a slightly smaller dot head than you think you will need  for the petals or your dots will blob like mine instead of looking like individual petals
  • Paint one petal on each flower first, then add a second to all, etc- This way each petal has some time to dry and and the petals don't run into each other

Pretty Bitch Polish July dotted with Pheromone, Double Shot, and Fucking Yeah, Baby! in lamp light indoors

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