Saturday, May 3, 2014

What Awesomely Nice Melons

As part of the Bring in The Sun Collection, Jaclyn decided to toss in a perfect summer creme. Nice Melons is a deliciously pigmented watermelon creme. I love a good creme polish and this one is right on par.

Nice Melons will go on streakless and opaque in just one coat. My OCD blogger self used 2 coats just to be safe. I accented it with a finger of Fucking Awesome, a holo microglitter that is slightly more red than Nice Melons, but not quite a pure red. It comes in a clear base and is great for full coverage or the glitter tips I also created here. I used a topcoat to smooth out the microglitter bumps but Nice Melons has insane shine on its own and is quick drying too.

Nice Melons does dry a touch darker than in the bottle so remember that when picking pairings for it :)

Two coats of Nice Melons and an accent of Fucking Awesome in the sun. 

Nice Melons and Fucking Awesome in full sun. Here you can really see how level and opaque Nice Melons is! It dries a touch darker than in the bottle. 

Both of these will be released May 5th at 9PM EST on

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