Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reavers- Ballad of Serenity- Aly's Dream Polish

Aly's Dream Polish has been back up and running for a while now after a few months of medical leave last year. She is best known for her crisp scattered holos that are super jelly and sparkly in all light. Most of them take a few coats to reach opacity in order to show maximum holo. Aly has a huge following and you will see a lot of Aly's lovers out there.

Reavers is a muddled red scattered holo with black matte glitter shards. This is part of her Ballad of Serenity tribute collection and is a little unlike her typical holos. The inclusion of glitter makes this stand out from her usual solid holos in solid rainbow colors. True to her line, Reavers built up to opacity in three thin coats and had a smooth self-leveling formula. I had great control and barely had to do cuticle clean up to get a clean line. The holo is apparent in both natural light and direct sunlight giving it some extra dimension. The red leans either pinky orange or blue brown depending on the light. With Reavers, remember that the shards can stick up in places so make sure to use a hefty coat of TC to feed the hungry glitters :)

The only downsides for me with Aly's is that her polishes separate very easily in storage so they require some serious shaking before use and that they are sometimes thin in formula. I'm impatient and can never sit through three or more layers of polish in addition to my base and top coats. For some people, the thin formula is a plus though because it gives that extra holo dimension and squishy holo feel. I also loathe VNL almost to the point of fear!

Three coats of Reavers in full sun with a coat of Poshe top coat.
You can see the warmer tones of the polish coming out with the sun. 

Aly's Reavers in indirect natural light showing the slightly cooler side. 

You can find Aly's Dream Polish in her Storenvy: http://www.alysdreampolish.com/ and on her Facebook

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