Thursday, May 29, 2014

Name's Hades, Lord of the dead, How Ya Doin? meets Keep Calm, I'm Wonder Woman

This mani has a nice bit of contradiction to it :) These two polishes both came as part of the What's Indie? Boxes that I get each month from Australia. In these boxes, you get 5 exclusive polishes made by Australian makers. Lilypad Lacquer and Peita's Polish are always included while the other three slots rotate. Peita from Peita's Polish puts them all together and ships them out. Each month the polishes are centered around a theme for the makers to draw inspiration from. The upcoming box for June is maker's choice though as long as they make a holo for the one year anniversary!

These two polishes are both from the March Superheroes and Villains box. I combined a villain with a superhero :) The base Lilypad Lacquer color is inspired by Hades from Hercules and is named Name's Hades, Lord of the Dead, How ya doin? I just love that name. The second Peita's Polish is inspired by Wonder Woman and is called Keep Calm, I'm Wonder Woman.

Name's Hades is a creamy baby blue base with blue glass fleck and holo pigment. This makes it shimmer as if it were the fire from Hades hair on your nails! It had a smooth application and required little cleanup as it had great control.

Keep Calm is a glitter bomb composed of holo blue and red glitter with tiny white microglitter and silver holo stars in a clear base. This is just one coat on my nails as you get plenty of glitter payoff in one brush stroke. I did have to fish for the stars, but I didn't roll the bottle as well as I should have before application. Both are topped off with some topcoat to seal it in though I did use two coats over the glitter to get it perfectly smooth and glassy.

One coat of Name's Hades over Bondi Blue Skies topped with Keep Calm and Poshe topcoat in indirect sunlight. 

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