Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When Things Don't Go Quite Right

Usually the only manicures that make it onto my blog are the ones that are successful and look all pretty and polished. For once, I figured I would show you one of those uh-ohs that just wasn't right.

Before I took this one off, I made a decision to share it with you all instead of immediately removing the botched idea. Initially, I wanted to do some quick and fun nail art instead of just a holo or a cream topped with glitter. For the base I used Bondi Limelight which is a quick one coat lime. Bondi has a lot of controversy around it, but I already owned this- so why not use it. I liked the idea of pairing it with this pretty purple I have from Wet N Wild.

I let the Bondi dry before putting some chevron decals on to add the purple on top. Well here is "things went wrong" situation 1. The purple changed colors when applied! I even put two coats to make sure the lime wasn't peeking through but it still changed to this weird purple/red/brown color. Hoping to salvage it, I still put topcoat on to see how it looked. Well, even after a few minutes of drying, the purple streaked with the top coat. Fail. 

So here is the resulting mess. I included a bottle shot with the purple to show you what I thought I was getting and what I actually ended up getting!

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