Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rainbow Honey March Mystery Bag

Here is a quick unwrapping and some of my initial thoughts of my March Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag! They have recently decided to bring back their mystery bags which include minis of some of their upcoming products or favorites. Since I received mine, they have decided to make this a monthly subscription service if you want it!

For the Rainbow Honey sub, you can choose mini sizes or full sizes. The mini is $10 plus shipping and the full size is $25 with free shipping. Each will include polishes and product! Right now, they are upcoming product RH is thinking of releasing soon. I love this idea! It allows them to get feedback on what people like and to release some small batch goodies.

March included a mini of All My Stars which was their planned release for the April LE; The Soiree which might launch later this year; a cuticle oil they are testing for their new line; a mini of their Lavendula perfume which just released in April; and a tester of their new hand cream which will be launching soon!

I immediately ripped open the hand creme and cuticle oil and I am in love with both of them. They have a light honey scent which isn't overpowering. I hate when cuticle oils are so strong they over power any perfume I might be wearing that day. This is light- present but not too much. I can't wait for them to launch. I recently tried RH's cuticle balm and these are on par with it! Please come out with a peppermint version!!

The Lavendula perfume was a little too floral for my taste, but it does have a pleasant scent to it.

Of the two polishes, I haven't used The Soiree yet, but it looks fantastic. I used All My Stars in a mani last week and it's perfect. The glitter payoff is great and it has a fun feel to brighten up any mani. It also helps that I have a hopeless addiction to all things star shaped :)

What do you think? Will you be jumping on the Rainbow Honey sub train? 

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