Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Literary Lacquers- Some Glad Morning

After trying this untried, I can tell you know that I will be giving this brand some more love! Literary Lacquers is a brand that is all about references to- you guessed it- novels :) As an avid reader I love seeing where she finds inspiration.

This particular polish- Some Glad Morning is a custom Amy created for a Facebook group I am in. It is a super squishy super holo turquoise that also had a bit an extra shimmer in it. It looked a bit thin in the bottle so I layered it over a cream colored base coat to prevent VNL. I realized though that it would have been fine in 2-3 coats without a colored base. While it was a thinner formula, it still gave great control and this is with little clean up needed.

I topped two of my fingers with Rainbow Honey All My Stars which is their LE polish for April to celebrate their birthday! I am a star addict so I love this topper. I did have a bit of fishing for the stars, but they settled well into their base with few rough edges. The base for All My Stars is a clear base with holo particles and small glitter and flecks making it nice and sparkly.

Two coats of Some Glad Morning topped with All My Stars in indirect light. The sun wasn't wanting to come out! 

Here you can see those extra shimmers and flecks come out in both of these polishes.  

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