Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Said Yes! An Engagement Celebration

Just before I had my lucky moment of getting to marry my best friend, my dear friend Jaclyn of Pretty Bitch Polish had the same wonderful experience.

Her fiancé sang Train Marry me to her in a candle lit room full of roses. Once he finished he held out their cat who had the ring attached to her collar! Talk about romantic!

To celebrate she created a special polish to be reminiscent of the diamonds in an engagement ring. She packed it full of holographic heart and smaller circle glitters and holographic and iridescent glitters of varying sizes.  As result, it is an intense rainbow filled party on your nails. The iridescent glitters also capture that blue sparkle diamond have when they catch the blue skies on a sunny day.

I layered I Said Yes! over top of Sex Kitten from her core collection. Both will be released again on Monday April 7th at 9pm EDT. I Said Yes! will be a pre-order while Sex Kitten will be a normal restock. The hearts did take a little bit of fishing as big glitters always do, but they are so well suspended it took no effort at all. If you just wanted to avoid the hearts and use this separately as a holo/iridescent glitter topper, you could easily do that too. I only had to use one slightly generous layer of top coat to tame any edges of the glitter that were present. If you have less curved nails than me, you probably won't have any work to do.

One coat of I Said Yes over Sex Kitten in full sun. I did come back and do some extra glitter placement on the ring finger. The dark-ish "spots" are holo glitters that just didn't reflect back in the image. *The ring is mine and doesn't come with the polish :-P Sorry ladies!*
Check out that rainbow holo coming through! 

In the shade. It still reflects any ambient light that might be around :) 

You can find Pretty Bitch Polish on Big Cartel and on Facebook. Her next restock is Monday April 7 @ 9PM EDT. 

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