Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Smitten Polish Claddagh- I Am in Love!!

Seeing as it is my birthday month I've been wearing a lot of green lately. In the process I have found some of my Holy Grail green polishes! Pretty Bitch Polish Kiss Me... Down There definitely was a perfect lime green holo.

Similarly, Smitten Polish Claddagh is a must have deep squishy green with a slight blue lean. I could not get over how wonderfully holo this jelly is. It convinced me to go back and purchase all the other Smitten jelly holos that I don't already own! My mom and sister were commenting on how much they loved it and that was after just seeing it in low light. Very rarely did I find light that did not leave a holo rainbow peeking out.

This was a dream to apply and was perfectly opaque in two coats even though it is a jelly polish. I topped it off with a coat of my usual Poshe even though it was pretty shiny on its own. I wore this for 5 days before I convinced myself to take it off. I might even have to buy a backup bottle- that is how in love I am.

Claddagh in full sunlight
Just look at that bend! The holographic rainbow in this is mind-blowing. 

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