Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pretty Bitch Polish Holo Glitters

Below I have two glitters that are part of a new Pretty Bitch Polish collection. The Sex Toy collection consists of glitter mixes of both metallic and holographic glitters suspended in clear bases. They can be worn as a topper with one coat or alone as a full coverage glitter in two to three coats.

There are 6 glitter toppers in the Sex Toy Collection:
  • Dildo - Pink
  • Sex Swing- Blue
  • Tie-Downs- Gold
  • Bullet- Silver
  • Lube- Green
  • Blind Fold- Purple
The first of the two I have to show you is Lube. Lube is a blend of green glitters with a sprinkling of gold glitters as well. The holo on this is just unreal. I had to make my camera focus super sharp which ate some of the holo, but it was the only way I could get my nails to be nails and not blinding flashes of light. Over all but the ring finger, I layered one coat of Lube over a green Pretty Bitch holo called Kiss Me... Down There. The ring finger is two coats of Lube alone and there is no visible nail line to be seen :) It also lays down flat and has none of that pesky texture most glitters have. The formula was smooth and I didn't have to dab or place these as the bottle is so glitter packed.

Lube layered over Kiss Me... Down There and topped with Pretty Bitch top coat. 

The bright flash on my ring finger shows you just how holo this is! It's not a sun spot, but rather the sun refracting off the glitter and blinding the camera! 

This is one coat of Lube layered over another Pretty Bitch green. This is C*nt from the George Carlin 7 Things You Can't Say on Television Tribute collection. 

The second polish from the Sex Toy collection today is Blind Fold which is a purple glitter bomb. This polish is a blend of different shades of purple with some silver. You all know how much I love my purples! This made me swoon. The base for Blind Fold is slightly purple tinged, but it is so dense that this can be expected. Just like Lube, there was no need for dabbing or placement and each stroke was packed with glitter.

The left two fingers are one coat of Blind Fold over Tits from the George Carlin 7 Things You Can't Say on Television Tribute collection. The ring finger is three coats of Blind Fold alone. The pink is one coat of Blind Fold over Fuck It. The pinky looks like a Galaxy! 

These two polishes were just released last night in her monthly restock and release. At this point, all of the Sex Toy Collection and the George Carlin Collection are available, but there is no telling how long these will stay in stock so I'd wander over and grab them up. She also has a few of her super holos in stock and those always sell out within a few days of release.

You can find Pretty Bitch Polish on Big Cartel and on Facebook

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