Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer I Just Think It's Pink

Lately I've been on a hot pink kick. No polish can be too pink for me, which is unusual because I've never been a big pink girl. For some reason I just can't get enough of it on my nails.

This beauty today does not disappoint. Lilypad Lacquer nailed it on the head with her I Just Think It's Pink. This polish is loaded with neon pink goodness :) In addition to being in your face pink, it has flakies AND holo which makes it a double whammy in my book. You can really see the flakies in the bottle and in the highlights of the nails below. For even more pizazz, Nicole added in a blue shimmer that you can see peeking out.

The formula was good considering it has so much packed into one base. It does dry with a bit of a texture so you will need a good topcoat to smooth it out. Below I have two coats of I Just Think It's Pink topped with Poshe topcoat.

I Just Think It's Pink in full sun

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