Monday, March 17, 2014

Bearsly and Bumski on My Birthday!

Wohoo! It's my birthday today :) I'm so excited about the things that have been happening in life lately. I don't usually share too much about me, but I'll indulge today!

Don't forget about my Birthday Giveaway before I start rambling

Not only is it my quarter century birthday today, but it is also that of my awesome middle sister too. Being the oh so "sweet" younger sister, I figured the best birthday present I could give her as a 2 year old was to make my arrival right in the middle of her cake cutting. I always joke that they should have known not to cut the cake without me :-P. I'm lucky that she lives just a few minutes away from me so we always get to celebrate together even though we are a few hours away from the rest of our family.

Second..... I got engaged last week!!! :) I'll post up a picture of us right after the proposal at the bottom of this post. I was caught completely by surprise. He plotted with my parents for the week before and they ran super interference keeping me clueless. Now for the story everyone wants- He took me to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens and we walked around the orchid house and the gardens down to the lake. Once down at the lake front, he said he had something to give me and pulled out his dog-tags. Attached to the smallest chain was the ring and before I knew it, he was down on one knee!

Now on to today's post. Bearsley and Bumski is one of the awesome contributors to my Birthday Giveaway so I wanted to highlight that prize and show you a kickass piece from them. The one I'm showing below is my journal, but the one in my giveaway is a duplicate of it. I'm going to to be using my journal for wedding planning!

B+B carries a lot of journals, which I am addicted to, but they also carry art prints and pieces handcrafted by Dee. I love the snarky phrases on them and their handcrafted quality. They fit my personality and sailor-esque mouth perfectly :-P

These large journals are 8.5"x5.5" and have 20 double-sided pages of acid free, high grade sketch paper. The covers are pressed to give you great wear and a base to bear down on. Dee is also fab and can create some killer custom adaptations if you so desire.

Additionally, Dee's husband has his own shop selling man friendly candles and wax melts. I'll have a review of those up soon too! *Along with one of them in my upcoming engagement giveaway* You can check out his shop Fire Hill Candle, Co in advance of the review and giveaway.

Large Journal from Bearsly and Bumski 

The journal is filled with 20 unlined double sided pieces of sturdy high-grade white paper just waiting to be filled with thoughts or sketches! 

As promised, here is me and my fiancé in the car heading home after he popped the question! We were sending a quick photo out to our friends and family.

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