Friday, January 31, 2014

Peita's Polish Shipwrecked

You've heard me mention Peita's Polish when talking about my monthly crack *ahem* polish delivery boxes (us polish ladies know the truth!) from Australia. If you haven't checked out the What's In-die Box? then you are missing out.

In addition to the WIB, I've been collecting polishes from Peita's line as well. She makes some great glitters for layering or being worn alone. This one intrigued me for a while on the site so I finally bought it.

Shipwrecked is a a clear base with larger copper hexes and TONS of turquoise and silver microglitters. When I say a ton, I mean this baby can blind you when it catches the sun! I chose to layer this thinly over OPI Ski Teal We Drop to make the copper glitter stand out.

The formula was good though a you will need to do some dabbing to ensure the large glitter goes where you want it to. It dried quickly but it will definitely need a top coat to smooth everything out as the glitters were a bit gritty once everything was dry.

One thin coat of Shipwrecked over OPI Ski Teal We Drop in indirect sun

Close up: You can see some of the glitter texture peeking through but a second coat or a heavier first coat of top coat will do the trick. I was using my Poshe which applies pretty thinly. 

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