Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mentality Polish Orgasmic

Mentality Polish is a prolific indie that doesn't get enough love. Their store is ALWAYS stocked and they have every color imaginable in creams and mattes. I have a few from their collection and I love them. It doesn't hurt that their shipping is insanely fast too :)

Orgasmic is a silvery based cornflower blue superholo with pink and blue glass flecks embedded. The pink flecks give it a nice warm pink shimmer when you aren't in the direct sun. The added glass flecks don't affect the texture at all either. It dries nice and smooth in just two quick coats. It is a self-leveling formula that isn't goopy or too thin. Here it is topped with one coat of Poshe for some extra shine.

Two coats of Mentality Orgasmic in the afternoon sun

A close up bottle shot to show you just how dynamic this holo is! 


  1. Wowsers, how did I overlook this one when ordering last summer?

    1. It is such a great one to have in your set! It is still available on the BigCartel site :)

  2. It looks like this polish broke your camera lol. Or maybe my eyes. There's so much rainbow I don't even know how to handle it! :D