Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween!

It's Halloween!!!! Okay, that was probably too many exclamation points, but I just love this holiday so much! Here is another Halloween themed mani I did.

I wore this for four days before I could bare to take it off. I was also waiting for the sun to come out long enough that I could share some of the holo in it.

I used two Lilypad Lacquer polishes: Slimey Limey (how appropriate!) and Popping Purple. I painted a base of Slimey and then blobbed on patches of Popping Purple. Once those set I went back with a striping brush and some black polish to make the lines. They are topped with a coat of HK Girl and then a quick coat of Out the Door was put on before the photos to add back shine that had worn off over the last few days.

I'm thinking I might repeat this with some fall toned polishes as sort of a patchwork scarecrow for Thanksgiving :) What do you think?

The late afternoon sun added such warmth! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween-Eve Manis! 2-fer Wednesday

Halloween is tomorrow! I have been rocking some Halloween manis for the last week or so and I want to show you two today. Why two? Well one of them was on a string of days where the sun refused to come out so it looked pitiful when I photographed it inside. To make up for that. I'm going to show you another awesome sunlight mani to make up for it.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate and prepare for so I'm excited to share that with you. Tomorrow I will be dressed as a minion! Be prepared for some photos of that to pop up later.

Arcane Lacquer All Hallows Eve stamped with Pure Ice Mercedes.
The formula for Arcane Lacquer All Hallows Eve was smooth and the glitters dispersed easily. It had pink, purple, green, and orange glitters in a black jelly base.  I didn't have to dab or fish for glitters and it went opaque enough for me with two coats while still keeping a squishy feel! The polish dried fairly smooth and was perfect after one coat of HK Girl. 

Below is Lilypad Lacquer Orange A Peel dotted with Colors by Llarowe Black Gold, Texas Tea. Both of these have great formulas and made an awesome standout mani! Orange A Peel is a more subtle holo since the polish has a creamier feel and a creamier base but I think the two complimented each other nicely. I'm still waiting for my black stamping polish to come in the mail and I think that will definitely help my stamps look darker and transfer easier.

Look at that holo! This close up shows you just how sparkly these nails were when the sun caught them :) 

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Lost Series

Occasionally a mani won't make it to be photographed or I forget it for some reason until it is too late/chipped. These two are crappy cell phone shots of two of those lost manis! Once in a while I snap a picture with my cell phone to show my mom or because the light at the moment is perfect but I don't have my real camera with me.

The first is a Halloween mani I was trying out some of my new stamping plates on. The base is Girly Bits King of the Lab, a squishy orange jelly polish. The accent nail is Girly Bits Grave Digger, a black jelly packed with purple, orange, and other glitters. The glitter topper is Peita's Polish Monster Mash. I am hoping to modify this mani to make a real appearance once I fine tune some issues I had. This was worn home and I didn't have a chance to pack it before I left on my roadtrip. 

While I was at my parents, my Halloween mani chipped so I broke out my Lilypad Lacquer City Lights. This baby is a one coater and is more sparkly than you can imagine. It will definitely make a reappearance along with a video to show how diverse this polish is! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Path to Immortality

What I love about down time in Summer breaks is that I can read as many non-legal books and my heart desires. This summer I went on a Harry Potter binge and reread most of them. While reading them I had to wear Harry Potter themed nail polish of course! 

Lucky 13 Lacquer is a great indie polish maker and she has an entire line of Harry Potter themed polishes! I grabbed four, Path to Immortality, Golden Snitch, Avada Kedavra, and Brave at Heart. 

This polish is Path to Immortality which is a black jelly with various sized gold hex glitters. It was inspired by Voldemort's horcruxes. It applies smoothly. The formula is a bit thicker but this helps with control and placement of the glitters. It does not clump and I had it opaque in three coats mostly because visible nail line drives me insane! You could easily layer this over black but I love the depth that jelly layers give the polish. 

Unlike some other glitter polishes, this was almost perfectly smooth once it dried. I only one thin layer of HK Girl on top to make a perfectly smooth surface and to pump up the shine. This wore for 3 days with no chips. It likely would have lasted much longer but I had to change my polish! 

Lucky 13 Lacquer Path to Immortality topped with HK Girl topcoat

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lifting Holo Prints- Halloween Mani #1

I recently learned how to stamp much better than you've seen here in the past. The secret was getting what is called a "squishy" stamper instead of my regular Konad one. I found one on! The squish stamper molds to your nail eliminating the wiggle issues with a hard stamper you have to roll over the nail. 

The idea for this nail design came out of a stamping group I'm in. Each Sunday they put out a challenge and this week it was to stamp over a black base. I took that a step further and picked a deep charcoal black holo. This is two coats of Hits Zeus stamped over with an unnamed silver holo from Urban Outfitters

For the stamp, I picked a Halloween-esque set of fingerprints from Bundle Monster plate BM-414. These aren't as in your face as I wanted, but they still were very fun to look at IRL and I got several compliments on the sparkliness of my nails.

Full sun holo shot. The linear effect in the two colors complement each other very nicely when they are combined

Hits polishes have a pretty wide brush and stiffer bristles than I am used to, however with some practice I was able to paint with minimal clean up much easier than I usually do with standard brushes. The color payoff was perfect in two coats and I am going to go back and wear this polish on its own at sometime.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Flamingos Love Indigo

Today's mani is a duo of Lilypad Lacquer Indigo Love and Pink Flamingo. Indigo Love is a super holo blurple (blue-purple) polish that I wasn't sure of in the bottle, but I loved wearing! It screams look at my holo goodness. Pink Flamingo is a look at me now neon pink with a slightly more subtle holo. Both of these had great formulas and were opaque within two coats. 

I wasn't sure of the two nail accent, but I added some dots with my dotting tool on the ring finger and it was perfect. Holo polka dots on a holo base was a great decision. This wore for over three days with no chipping or tip wear before I changed my polish. 

Lilypad Lacquer Indigo Love and Pink Flamingo topped with HK Girl Top Coat in the sun
A little blur to show the holo! 

A quick close up of Indigo Love. My Pink Flamingo closeup got eaten by my computer it would seem! 

Nicole is on some much needed RnR right now (though she is still making new colors!), but she can be found at her Etsy store and on FacebookLlarowe also keeps well stocked on Lilypads! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Fur Babies :)

I've talked alot about my school stuff recently and I figured I would give you a cute post to let you know a bit about me. In addition to being a law student, I have two fur babies who are my world. I got Ninja and Legacy from the time they were each about 7 weeks old. Ninja is a full blown bengal cat who thinks he his a wild leopard. Legacy is a half bengal and much more calm and super needy.

You'll get a preview of Ninja in a later post when he and I play "Ninja picks the polish I wear." Here is a quick snap of Legacy scoping out my new shipment of Emily de Molly polishes fresh in from Australia! It really seems that most of my favorite polishes are hailing from down under lately.  EdM happens to not ship to the US so I had to use an Aussie friend as an intermediary to ship them to me. She rocks!

No matter how hard I tried, I could not get him to look at me with the camera. He was much more interested in scoping out the polishes and planning on stealing the tissue paper from my What's In-die Box? in the background :)

Lined up: Dark Crystals, Land of Confusion, Devotion, Moment of Impact, Fifth Element, Indigo Flow

Friday, October 18, 2013

October Ipsy Glambag Reveal

Here are my October Ipsy Glam Bag contents :) The theme this month was The Art of Beauty. The bag was a white satiny bag with magenta script and a magenta zipper and pull. I'm not sold on the bag, but I actually love the contents this month!! I think i will be using all of the items this month.

The phrase on the bag is super cute!  I just can't get along with white for very long :( 

LtoR: Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Voluminzing Gel; LA Fresh Facial Wipes; Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush: Bella Terra Mineral Eyeshadow; Zoya Nail Lacquer

These are the perfect size for my trip to Cuba this winter! I'm going to stash these away for later use. 

Neve is the perfect purply blue- aka blurple! I'm obsessed with all purple polishes. The Zoya formula is also perfection. 

This is a nice shade of purple so I think it will get added to my regular rotation. It isn't too bright or too deep for my taste. 

I finally decided to invest in some brushes so this is a great addition to my growing collection. The quality is nice and I see this lasting a long time. 

I usually can't use any hair products Ipsy sends, but I checked this list and there are no sulfates or sodium hidden in this. I will give it a shot as a blow dry gel and all else fails, I can use it as a regular gel when I knot my hair back on lazy days. 

Ipsy is a $10 a month beauty subscription bag. You take a survey and they match you with products monthly. Sometimes you get full size products like the makeup brush, eyeshadow, and Zoya this month and other times you get very generous deluxe sample sizes of other products. If you would like to join, feel free to use my referral code:

I've been getting the Glam Bag for 4 months now and I'm loving it! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Little Shop of Horrors October What's In-die Box?

Little Shop of Horrors: October's What's In-die Box? 

Peita's Polish in Australia organizes a box each month of indie polish makers in Australia. They pick a monthly theme and each of the 5 polishes included is an exclusive only to be found in the box! I've gotten two so far. September was Sex and the City and this month was Little Shop of Horrors. Check out what was inside!

Lilypad Lacquer: The Queen of Halloween

Peita's Polish: Monster Mash

Glam Polish: Corpse Bride

Arcane Lacquer: All Hallows Eve 

Miss Ashleigh: Where My Witches At? 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Sky is Alive with Black Pearls

In a classic me move, I'm bringing back my come back with one of my favorite makers- Lilypad Lacquer! In the past I have shown you some beauties, but this one takes the cake. 

Black Pearl is a mega-holo with a pink pearlescent shimmer and these micro-flakies that completely want to evade the camera. This is an "I stare at my nails all day" polish for sure! I topped it off with an accent nail of LPL The Sky is Alive. This polish can be worn on its own or just a quick coat over black. Here, I layered three coats alone for maximum impact. It is a deep blue flakie that has a purple shift to it. Unfortunately try and I might, I couldn't get the purple to show for you all. Longer nails would have helped with it. 

I'm going to let the photos of this baby speak for themselves. I took so many of it and it was hard to narrow them down! 

This is an indoor shot under my white light. You can see the faintest of purple in The Sky is Alive. 

Holo happiness!

Slight blur for more holo! 

Nicole is on some much needed RnR right now (though she is still making new colors!), but she can be found at her Etsy store and on Facebook. Llarowe also keeps well stocked on Lilypads!  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Holo stamping preview

Hi all!! I will be returning full force soon. I have over 15-20 manis to schedule and I'm excited to get going. 

My trial finished up last week and I am almost caught up on all my school work I needed before making my come back here. Sadly my team did not win the trial but we still kicked some ass at the same time. The facts were just not on our side. 
There are swatches for Sweet Heart Polish and Literary Lacquers coming up too! 

Here is a preview of one of my Halloween manis. It's a holo set of finger prints! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NOTD: Birefringence

Hi :) A quick update on my insane schedule right now. In my Trial Advocacy class, we are preparing for our "final exam" which is a mock trial. My partner and I are prosecuting a murder case and have been insane trying to prepare our arguments and finding proper witnesses. In one week that class will be over! I'll let you know if I win the trial :) 

In the meantime, here is an absolute beauty for you to drool over. I was a little late to the bandwagon on this polish, but I'm happy I found it. I <3 NP came out with a line of Ultrachrome nail polishes. These four have insane color shifts and a great chromatic finish. The first of these I have to show you is Birefringence. On the website it is described as: 

Birefringence is a jaw droppingly beautiful polish that effortlessly stops people in their tracks. Planning on having a meaningful face-to-face conversation with a friend? Plan on an abrupt derailment as soon as he/she notices what your nails are up to. Remember though, it’s not their fault; you were warned! 

Birefringence shifts through an array of incredible blues, purples, reds, oranges, yellows, and even subtle greens!

This polish lives up to its description! I had a million pictures of this trying to catch all of the color shifts that it goes through. My nails are a little short so I had trouble catching the red/orange/yellow that hides on the far sides of the colorshift but I am a blue/purple fan so I was beyond content with this polish. This would be a perfect base for stamping and I had a plan to stamp over it. However, I could not bring myself to hide this beauty. 

A lot of people love this polish for another reason. As you can see below, when you top it with a coat of I <3 NP's My Private Rainbow Holo Top Coat, you get a multichromatic holo! This particular one is a spot on dupe for the hard to acquire Enchanted Polish's Across the Universe. I own both and want to post a direct comparison when I can get a chance! 

Below all of these pictures are in my apartment under my daylight lamps because the sun would not come out for days!