Saturday, August 31, 2013

Must visit!!

I am at my parents house for the weekend babysitting so I don't have my usual arsenal of photography equipment and blogging time. However, I could not wait to tell you of a new indie maker I have coming up on my blog. 

Laura has started her own line, Colors by Laura K which can be found at She is running a launch sale until the end of September with the code cblklaunch13. GO USE that code, you will love her polish!! 

She recently sent me four of these beauties to swatch and test and I have been in heaven with them. I'm giving them all a nice few days of wear so I can give her good feedback, but I am super impressed with the three I've had on so far. 

My favorite of the bunch is a color called He Took Me to a Leafs Game. It is a blue holo with holographic glitter to give it an indoor punch. The formula was so perfect on this one that it is already stocked with some of her LE runs. Here is a quick iPhone teaser picture until I get back to the heavy equipment at home. I just bought myself a full size of this one too!! 

Friday, August 30, 2013

NOTD: EdM Seeing Red

6 Week Mani Challenge Week 5: Red

As promised yesterday, here is a true red holo. The rainbow on this one stays more in the red tones than Lilypad's Ruby Slippers. It is a very intense holo though and is wonderful to look at in the light. For me though, this "true" red makes the yellow undertones of my skin come out much more than I am comfortable with so I have to get used to it.

The formula went on smooth and was opaque in two very thin coats. It also had excellent wear and this is after two days with an HK Girl topcoat. You can see that I got a scratch on my ring finger, but tip wear is almost completely unnoticeable! 

Emily de Molly Seeing Red

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NOTD: Ruby Slippers

6 Week Mani Challenge Week 5: Red

Why yes, this is another Lilypad Lacquer :) I told you I was obsessed and this one happens to fit into my catchall color theme in this mani challenge. If it weren't for the challenge, all of my manis would be Lilypad for the next week and I'd be one happy person.

Ruby Slippers is a slightly pink leaning red which works perfectly with my skin tone. Some reds make me look a bit yellow when they are a "true red." I'll show you an example tomorrow. Just like True Blood, this polish was done in one, but I put two coats just to feed my paranoia about sheerness. I had just gotten a Model's Own nail art pen in the mail when I did this so I decided to try some tribal-eque lines on my accent nail. While not perfect, I feel the silver contrasts perfectly with Ruby Slippers.

I did not want to take this polish off. Even in dim lighting, it was flashing its holo at me and distracting me from my Family Law reading! <- Well that isn't hard to do, but you know what I mean :)

Lilypad Laquer in Ruby Slippers - Model's Own Nail Art Pen in Silver

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

NOTD: True Blood in the Stars

6 Week Mani Challenge Week 5: Stars

I am quickly becoming obsessed with Lilypad Lacquer. Some people say that Enchanted Polish is the Holy Grail for holos, but I beg to differ. Nicole from Lilypad has provided excellent customer service whether it comes to meeting the demand of orders or in answering our little questions that we bombard her with. To date I own 6 of her beauties and I already have 9 more on the way. It is a bit difficult to get at times in the US since she does ship from Australia; however, you can find her polishes at Llarowe, or find other fan girls who are willing to split the price of shipping with you (ME!).

This baby is called True Blood and is a deep violet leaning red. This is almost opaque in one coat, but I put two to be on the safe side because I wanted this to show all of its holo-goodness! This was also my back to school mani :) I used Hits Hefesto on the accent nail and topped it with some True Blood stars and dots. As usual, it was all sealed off with a coat of HK Girl even though Lilypads are so glossy that you very well could leave it topcoatless and be content. The wear on this was fabulous and after three days I had minimal tip wear and no chipping. I must own ALL the Lilypads!!

To create the stars, get a healthy sized blob on your dotting tool and dab it on the nail. Then use the dotting tool to drag the polish out into the 5 points of the star. This made creating these stars a breeze and I will definitely be revisiting this design again.

Lilypad Lacquer True Blood - Hits Hefesto

Friday, August 23, 2013

NOTD: Coco Allure Red Hot Thermal Color Changing Polish

6 Week Mani Challenge Week 4: Gradient

Thermal polishes are becoming more and more popular as people like myself are fascinated at the idea of an ombre effect on your nails with no effort! I had seen this Coco Allure Red Hot one on a few swap boards and thought I would try it out. At body temperature it is a soft pink jelly with blue hex and purple glitter. Once it gets cold, this changes into a royal purple jelly!

This polish would work best on someone who keeps their nails at a long length. This gives you the optimum chance for your polish to be two tone without any effort.

Application was smooth and it was a great formula and I didn't have to do any fishing for the glitter. I was a bit disappointed that my nails were too short so the color change wouldn't happen naturally on me. I had to dip my nails in cold water to get it to change. While an awesome party trick, I don't think I'll keep this one in my stash simply because I wear short nails most of the time. If you have longer nails, this should be on your try list!  

At body temperature. Excuse the ugly tear on my pointer finger, that thing is still recovering from its hangnail! 

Half dipped in ice water

Fully dipped in ice water

Thursday, August 22, 2013

NOTD: Vampire Diaries Customs

Honey Buttons Polish makes incredible custom polish! If you can dream something up, she will make it! I saw a set of Vampire Diaries themed polishes that I just had to recreate with her (I am sharing this dirty little TV show watching secret with you!). We changed up some of the colors from the original set I saw to make them 100% me and I love what she did.

The awesome labels she makes for them :) 

A back view of each formula

From LtoR: Katherine, The Originals, Let's Get Vampy, Stefan, Damon

These applied smoothly and were perfectly opaque in two coats! I can't wait to do some full manis to get the full effect but I had to swatch these immediately for you all. Here are the color breakdowns by bottle:

  • Katherine: A deep burgundy jelly with insane amounts of red microglitters which makes it to die for when the sun hits it! 
  • The Originals: A charcoal shimmer base with glitter in every color. There is red, pink, silver, blue, and charcoal shimmer. These sound random but are perfect together in this polish.
  • Let's Get Vampy: This is a red creme shimmer with black microglitters packed inside.
  • Stefan: A deep chocolate brown jelly base packed with gold glitter
  • Damon: A blue shimmer base packed with black glitter

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NOTD: 90's Flashback in Neon

6 Week Mani Challenge: Dot-icure

This mani was created special for a concert a friend and I went to. It was pretty much a 90's throwback with Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Vertical Horizon, Fastball and Smash Mouth. It was epic!

The base color is a neon pink I made custom. It has glow in the dark pigment added to take advantage of the night time venue. I dotted Urban Outfitters glow in the dark blue on top and flipped the two on my accent finger. I topped it all off with Cult Nails Mayhem to add some daytime fun to the mix. What do you think?

In full sun slightly out of focus to show the holo! 

In the shade

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NOTD: Expecto Patronum

I have been re-reading my Harry Potter books lately (yes, total nerd alert!) and I just had to snag this one and a few other HP themed polishes. Dollish Polish is known for having a great formula and this one is always selling out quickly during restocks!

Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum
I painted these while laying out by the pool reading some HP so the job isn't the best, but I love the color and formula! This is two thicker coats with a coat of HK Girl on top. It went on a bit patchy on the first coat as most white polishes do, but it was perfectly opaque and smooth with a second coat. The base is a white crelly with light aqua hex and micro-glitters so the effect is pretty subtle in full sun.

Some swatches of this I've seen show a lot less glitter so I was a bit surprised to get my bottle. This might be due to a reformulation or just a weird batch. I have a second bottle on the way as a back up so I will compare the two. Either way, I am still loving this polish!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ipsy August Glam Bag Reveal

Here is my Ipsy Glam Bag for August! Reviews to come later this week :)

UD Lipstick in Anarchy, NYX Blush, Pixi Lash Mascara in Black, Pacifica BB Creme, and Michael Todd Charcoal Facial Scrub

Ipsy is only $10 a month and I have LOVED having it so far! It's a great way to try new things and get some great deals. If you want to check it out, my referral code is:

Friday, August 9, 2013

NOTD: Colors By Llarowe Runt

6 Week Mani Challenge Week 2: Stamping

I have another Colors by Llarowe for you all today! I was dearly in love with Black Gold, Texas Tea which I showed you earlier this week and here is another from the same maker.

This polish has been blowing up on Pinterest as very coveted. It sold out quickly in the CbL restock. However, it seems the formula changed slightly or the pictures were off because people were a bit disappointed with how pink it seemed versus the coral sample shots.

I was one of those people.

The formula was great though a bit sheer. I layered Julep Georgia under this to give it some lift. On my ring finger I did two layers of Georgia instead of one to see what it would do. The holo on this is very strong and it gives a nice linear rainbow even in muted light.

Now the issue.

This shade just did not agree with my skin tone. I am olive skinned with yellow undertones and this paler rosy shade just was not my thing. If it had been a bit more orange or coral I would have kept this in a heart beat. In the sunlight, none of this mattered because the holo took off, but in the shade, I just wasn't compelled to look my my nails and when I did there was just a meh rather than excitement. So, I traded it for another CbL which should arrive later this week. As a sub for this color, I also found Coral Rose by Different Dimension and I'm going to give that a shot.

Two coats of CbL Runt over Julep Georgia. The design was stamped with Wet n Wild Black Creme and Bundle Monster 208

Two coats of CbL Runt over Julep Georgia in partial sunlight. The design was stamped with Wet n Wild Black Creme and Bundle Monster 208

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Julep Mystery Box Reveal

Julep offered a Golden Mystery box as part of their August Secret Store. Since it was their anniversary month we suspected it would be a special box and had a value of $24 higher than the usual box. I bought one to see if I could restore my faith in mystery boxes and here is my box:

Julep Everyday Hand Creme, Belina Button Bracelet, Julep: Nan, Jane, Anne, and Maria, Julep Oxygen Treatment

Julep: Nan, Jane, Anne, and Maria

Overall I am pleased with this box. I can always use a good unscented handcreme and I have been eyeing Anne for a while but had debated buying it several times. Nan is a cross between a red and a slight burnt orange undertone. It is understated and I like that. Jane is similar to Hilary which I adore and will get a lot of use. The only polish I'm wavering about it Maria because it is a metallic frost pink with purple undertones. Someone suggested to me that it might make a good nail art or stamping polish and I agree so I am going to keep it instead of swapping it. 

Last night I tried the Oxygen Treatment to see if the formula was goopy or not. It seemed a bit thick, but not too goopy. However, it either dried fast or was goopier than I thought because I had problems getting it to spread all the way to the tips. This treatment is meant to be worn alone to help oxygenate the nail beds. I rarely go with naked nails lately so I'm not sure how much use it will get. 

I'm not sure I will continue to get mystery boxes, but this was a box I don't regret.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NOTD: Rainbow Concrete

My move next week is taking up so much time lately! I need to stock pile some posts and get pictures off my camera onto the blog! I haven't had time for nail art lately so here is a quick glitterbomb I got in my Polish Addict Mystery box. The box was $20 and contained 4 full-size polishes, 3 mini-size polishes, 1 nail file, a discount coupon, nail tape, and some glitter sequins! It was definitely a great value and they are planning on making them a monthly option. The colors were great, but are definitely not for people who do not like glitter.

This color is named Rainbow Concrete and definitely lives up to its name. It is a grey jelly base that builds up to full opacity in three coats. It is filled with every color glitter you can imagine. There are some larger circle glitters, but I only picked up a few of them and thankfully I also only picked up two pieces of bar glitter since I'm not a huge fan of it.

Polish Addict Rainbow Concrete in natural light from a window. Excuse the bow on my index finger, I had a nasty cuticle tear and wanted to spare you from it :) I added two coats of Seche on top of this to smooth out the glitter. The polish did tend to eat the first coat a little bit.

I'm still on the fence of how I feel about this being so jam packed with glitter, but it is a fascinating color to look at and I might keep it just for the name. My dad does does construction and pours concrete so the whole family was just tickled that there was a polish named after concrete! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, Monday: Black Gold, Texas Tea

Colors by Llarowe is quickly becoming a sought after line of polishes. The owner runs an indie-polish haven where you can find Enchanteds, Emily de Molly, piCture pOlish, and other sought after indies. She started making her own line and these are a dream! Being from Texas, I had to purchase Black Gold, Texas Tea and I am so happy that I did. This holo keeps its deep black color while giving off a rainbow you would find in those oil puddles down south! 

I have two coats of Black Gold, Texas Tea on all fingers, but the accent which is Sarynn from a great line called Creations by Lynda. Sarynn is a white crelly with black hexes and smaller purple and aqua glitters. It went on completely opaque in two coats and is so fun to look at. There was no fishing required to get the larger glitter either! 

Black Gold, Texas Tea and Sarynn indoors

Check out that holo!! BG,TT in full sun showing its rainbow glory

Friday, August 2, 2013

NOTD: Cult Nails Mayhem

6 Week Mani Challenge Week 1: Blue Holographic Nails

I recently purchased the Cult Nails Road Trip Collection after seeing someone with this exact same manicure on a different blog. I loved the colors and the holographic topcoat and had to have it! The collection comes with three creme polishes and two different topcoats: one holographic and one holo and yellow! 

Since two of this week's themes are blue and holographic, this fit perfectly :) The Mayhem holo top coat is fantastic and gives off a scattered holo. It is pretty comparable to the coveted EP Djinn in a Bottle. I'll post some holo top coat comparisons this weekend (I might have 4 different ones!). Party Time is a great blue with a slight teal leaning undertone. In real life, this is even more holo-y than it shows so just imagine how wonderful! I love catching the holo in the sun! 

On my accent nails, I used these great decals from Viva La Nails, a UK based company. I also have them on my toes, but I'll spare you those pictures :) The decals stuck on easily and look so smooth and seemless. My advice would be to add them when your topcoat is wet for extra staying power. I did this on my toes and you can't tell they are decals. On my nails, I added them when my topcoat was dry and you can see the edges a bit. They also sent me some water decals and I'm super excited to use those soon and will share the results. 

Cult Nails: Party Time with Mayhem holo top coat. 
Slightly out of focus in the sun to show off the holo-y goodness :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

NOTD: Parisian Lace

6 Week Mani Challenge Week 1: City Inspired Nails

I had this manicure on in time to post it yesterday, but I got caught up in some jewelry making and by the time I remembered I needed to take a picture, it was too dark :( As result, this mani has some wear as you can see by the chip on my thumbnail from working with the jump rings and jewelry plyers. I really need to up my game and remember to take pictures of each mani right as they are done. To do that, I need to invest in an Ott Lite or some other white light source!

I found this manicure design on Pinterest and wanted to recreate it with my own spin. The pink used is Butter London Trout Pout, the white is a Heart 2 Art white I picked up, and the black is Sally Hansen Black Out. I topped it all off with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust and HK Girl topcoat!

To create the design I first used Trout Pout in two coats all over. I then used a striping brush dipped in white to create my stripes. Once it was all done, I used a short bristled paint brush to draw the Eiffel Tower and lace designs. This is one of the most creative mani's I've done involving free hand art and I'm so happy with how it turned out. The design was actually made up of a lot of basic shapes so even a beginner like me was able to make it look good :)