Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Lost Series Part 2

Since I am going away for two weeks to visit my parents and then to go on a photography trip to Cuba, I've been looking through my back log of photos. I've seen a lot of progression from my old style of shooting to my new style. I've also seen my progression from my short rounded nub of nails to my longer rounded square-ish nails.

Here are some manicures that have hidden around in my files and never got posted. It might be because I wasn't a fan of my paint job, the image wasn't exposed quite right, or I just plain forgot about it!

Be mindful that these are not the best images I've ever shot for this blog, but I wanted to share these lost files with you in case you saw something that caught your eye. Here are the first three of this series and I'll post three more tomorrow!

Lilypad Lacquer Pink Sugar with accent nails of Lilypad Lacquer Vixens Wear Violet and Pretty Bitch Polish Jo. This is topped with one coat of HK Girl and photographed under my Ott Lite indoors. 

This is three coats of Nelly Polish Polperro with one coat of HK Girl photographed in indirect sunlight. The cool think about Nelly Polish is that she ships the polish as a dry pigment and you can mix it with your favorite topcoat. This overcomes a lot of international shipping restrictions since she is based in the UK! 

This is one coat of Color Club Raspberry Rush topped with Enchanted Polish Castle on a Cloud and Peita's Polish Labels or Love. This was photographed in full sunlight in the late evening, hence the super yellow sunlight! 

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