Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lilypad Lacquer Bluebell Love's the Duke Blue Devils!

Some of you pay know that I went to Duke for my Undergraduate degree. I will love my alma mater until I die and I always pull for them no matter what. Even though I am at rival school UNC for my law degree now (yea, talk about divided), Duke will always have my heart. 

I recently went to a Duke football game with my sister and I had to do some spirited nail art to show off a bit. Duke has really been surprising me with how well their football team has progressed since my freshman year when a win was unheard of! I can't wait to see how they progress as a team in the future. 

Here are my polishes from my thumb to my pinky: Lilypad Lacquer Bluebell topped with Wet n Wild Black Creme dots, Lilypad Lacquer Bluebell, Lilypad Lacquer Blueberry topped with white heart glitter and silver dots, Salon Perfect Sugar Cube, and finally my Honey Buttons Damon Salvatore custom. 

Today Duke plays in the Chick-fil-A bowl against Texas A&M. While the odds may not be in the underdog's favor, I still with them the best of luck. GO DUKE! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Too Much Excite-mint and Cyance Friction

It's been a little while since I've had a dedicated post for Lilypad Lacquer. This pretty is Too Much Excite-mint, which is a deep green leaning teal. It is a cream based base so the holo is much softer and is scattered rather than linear. 

For the accent nail, I did a thin coat of Nerd Lacquer Cyance Friction. Nerd Lacquer has come back from her break and is stocking again. I grabbed two at her last restock and I'm excited to own my first full size bottles instead of the little 5ml bottles someone decanted from their bottle. 

This is topped with a coat of HK Girl and taken in indirect sunlight outside. I found this polish to be on the thicker side compared to most Lilypad Lacquers. I did two coats and tried to keep them on the thin side, but they still came out a bit thicker. While thicker, it was not unmanageable or streaky. 

Lilypad Lacquer Too Much Excite-mint and Nerd Lacquer Cyance Friction 

You can find Lilypad Lacquer on Nicole's Facebook page and her Etsy shop. Nerd Lacquer can be found at her website and her Google+ page

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Enchanted Polish Autumn

This is another Enchanted Polish released back in October- Autumn. Autumn has a deep royal purple base with a color shift that goes from purple, to bronze, to gold. I fell in love with the purple part of this polish, but sadly I didn't love the gold shift so I let this one go. 

Below is two coats of Autumn in direct sunlight with a coat of HK Girl. This polish has a strong holo both indoors and outdoors. Most of the time it rests between the purple and gold shift. It went on smoothly in two coats with no streaks and while is was a little bit thinner, it wasn't runny.

Two coats of Enchanted Polish Autumn in direct sun. 

A close up of the purple base and the holo :) 

On day two, I added some gold stamping over this and I liked it a lot better, even when it did shift to the gold side as shown here. 

You can find Enchanted Polish on Facebook and at her BigCartel Store

Chelsea usually releases or restocks polishes once a month or every other month. Keep an eye out on her Facebook page to see if you can score a few of these high demand babies. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! May it be minion filled :)

Merry Christmas everyone! 

If you don't celebrate Christmas, then I hope you have a wonderful family filled and relaxing holiday :) I'm in a house right now with 5 children ages 9 years to 6 months, two puppies, and 7 adults.... I might have a cocktail in hand!

Anyhow, I hope you all have a Happy Holiday and I'll see you when I get back as I am leaving tomorrow to Cuba for a week. I have some posts scheduled and I'll share some trip pictures when I get back!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Almost Christmas! A Custom Christmas Mani

Happy Christmas Eve all! I hope you will all be able to spend Christmas tomorrow with your loved ones or at least relax a bit.

Today, I have a custom creation to show you. My friend Jaclyn at Pretty Bitch Polish and I created this polish. I had always wanted a cream crelly base with red and green microglitter. I gave this concept to her and she nailed it! This is It's Christmas, Bitch which is a crelly base with extreme microglitter green hexes and slightly larger red hexes. There is also a nice pinch of diamond dust in it to add a golden shimmer! I could not be happier with how it turned out!

Below is three thin coats of It's Christmas, Bitch over a cream base. The layers of green microglitter almost form a mint colored base from far off. If you want a more pure white base, you can just put one coat over a cream or white base and it shows a much more sparse but still gorgeous Christmas glitter mani.

When I  look at this mani I just think it is like someone ground up some Christmas magic and painted it on my nails :) I'm in love with it!

Three coats of It's Christmas, Bitch over one coat of Blow Me. Both topped with HK Girl and photographed in indirect sunlight.

Close up of my thumb. The red glitters appear much darker here than they are in real life

This picture shows the gold glean from the diamond dust! 

You can find Pretty Bitch Polish in her store at BigCartel and on Facebook. There are a few more bottles left of this custom creation since she mixed up a few extras :) 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Nearly Nude and Burnt Sugar

I was so happy to find this oldie because it was something I was so excited to show off and I can't believe that I forgot about it! This mani combines two amazing indie makers and a bit of simple nail art for your enjoyment. 

The first color is the deep deep brown I used as a base for three of these nails. The brown is Burnt Sugar from Colors by Llarowe. This color continues to be restocked in her core collection. The current formulation though is a shade lighter. My bottle is from the early pours before she changed to a smaller square bottle and reformulated the line to be even more holo. Looking at this holo, how is it possible!?

The champagne gold holo used here is from Cirque Colors. This is also a well known indie line that has a lot of presence in the upper east. They are seen at a lot of polish expos up there, but they also have an online store of their core collections. This beauty is Never Nude. I am picky when it comes to nude holos, but this baby has just the right hint of gold to keep it from falling flat and blending in with my skin. 

To add some contrast, I used a large dotting tool to make the lines down each nail and topped it all off with a coat of HK Girl to keep the surface smooth and shiny!

Two coats of CbL Burnt Sugar and Cirque Colors Never Nude in direct sunlight

Both of these polishes applied great in two coats and wore chip free for the few days I had this on. There was no streakiness or patchiness that can accompany holos at times. They also were a good consistency and not too goopy or runny.

You can find Colors by Llarowe on the stockist website Leah Anne LaRowe runs and you can find Cirque Colors on Annie Pham's website

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Lost Series Part 3

Here is the third of my Lost Series, but the second one of this go around. Here are three more manicures that got lost in my stash of photos. Remember, these are oldies that might not be the most skilled photo job or paint job!

Two coats of Lilypad Lacquer Bones topped with a stamping of Mundo de Unas lilac stamping polish. Topped with one coat of HK Girl under my lamp inside. 

One coat of Bondi Blue Skies with Rainbow Honey Heisenburg streaked on. All topped with one coat of HK Girl and photographed indoors. 

Two coats of Literary Lacquers Strawberry Ice Cream Soma stamped with Wet n Wild Black Creme and topped with HK Girl. This was photographed inside and has a much stronger holo in the sun! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Lost Series Part 2

Since I am going away for two weeks to visit my parents and then to go on a photography trip to Cuba, I've been looking through my back log of photos. I've seen a lot of progression from my old style of shooting to my new style. I've also seen my progression from my short rounded nub of nails to my longer rounded square-ish nails.

Here are some manicures that have hidden around in my files and never got posted. It might be because I wasn't a fan of my paint job, the image wasn't exposed quite right, or I just plain forgot about it!

Be mindful that these are not the best images I've ever shot for this blog, but I wanted to share these lost files with you in case you saw something that caught your eye. Here are the first three of this series and I'll post three more tomorrow!

Lilypad Lacquer Pink Sugar with accent nails of Lilypad Lacquer Vixens Wear Violet and Pretty Bitch Polish Jo. This is topped with one coat of HK Girl and photographed under my Ott Lite indoors. 

This is three coats of Nelly Polish Polperro with one coat of HK Girl photographed in indirect sunlight. The cool think about Nelly Polish is that she ships the polish as a dry pigment and you can mix it with your favorite topcoat. This overcomes a lot of international shipping restrictions since she is based in the UK! 

This is one coat of Color Club Raspberry Rush topped with Enchanted Polish Castle on a Cloud and Peita's Polish Labels or Love. This was photographed in full sunlight in the late evening, hence the super yellow sunlight! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Aly's Dream Polish- Intense Blurple

Aly's Dream Polish was a big contender before I got into the polish world. Unfortunatly Aly had some bad health and had to take a break. I was destined to never try the rumored fantastic formula. Thankfully she regained good health and opened back up last month! 

I limited myself to three of her polishes. The first combined my two favorite colors- purple and blue! Intense Blurple #58 is a perfect blueish-purple scattered holo. The consistency of the polish was smooth and self leveled with each coat. I had to use three thin coats to reach opacity, but for this polish it was worth it. Below is three coats of Intense Blurple with no topcoat! 

Three coats of Intense Blurple in full sunlight
I don't know how she achieved sun a tightly scattered holo, but there is so much packed into these bottles that it's like applying liquid gemstones to your fingers. It packs a punch even indoors! 

You can find Aly's Dream Polish on Facebook or at her Storenvy store which will be reopening for another restock sometime this month. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Enchanted Polish- Purple Roses

I've written about Enchanted Polish once before, and you have much more to look forward to. While Chelsea's creations are in super high demand and sometimes hard to get, I have a few of them to spoil you with. In her last restock, I got some of the newer pieces. This however, is an older polish that is fairly hard to get your hands on. 

Purple Roses is a charity polish Chelsea designed for Cystic Fibrosis awareness. She released it in two limited restocks and now it is retired. I have loved this polish since I first set my eyes on it but always missed it. A dear dear friend of mine sent it to me just this week as a reward for finishing my law school finals. It was a sweet gesture that means the world! This polish is also divine to look at :) 

Purple Roses is a light lavender holo that also had lavender flakies in it. The flakies give it a great personality indoors until the holo side takes over outdoors. Here, I've used three thin coats of Purple Roses and a layer of HK Girl top coat to give it shine and protection. 

What do you think of it? 

Three coats of Purple Roses in full sun
Another full sun angle to give you a view of the holo and flakiness in the sun. See how the flakies give it some extra oomph? 

You can find Enchanted Polish on Facebook and at her BigCartel Store

Chelsea usually releases or restocks polishes once a month or every other month. Keep an eye out on her Facebook page to see if you can score a few of these high demand babies. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Wolf of Wallstreet-I Know That Hooker

Jaclyn has done it again! If you didn't know, she doesn't just make polish. She is also a gorgeous model and an actress. This Christmas, she is making her debut in the Martin Scorsese film- The Wolf of Wallstreet. She plays the role of NASDAQ Hooker #1 whose clients include Jonah Hill.

She created this polish in honor of her big time film debut! This red linear holo is called I Know That Hooker! :) I don't know about you, but I plan on wearing this to see the film and I just might yell out "I know that hooker" when I see her on the big screen.

This polish applied super smooth in just two coats. The first coat was fairly opaque and streakless on its own. I added a second to hide any thin spots since they show on camera even when they don't in real life. While having a nice metallic finish, this polish also has a golden edge to it that comes out indoors. Outdoors, it gives you a full linear holo.

I followed this up with a gold glitter that will be debuting in January called Gold Digger. Then I topped all of this off with Pretty Bitch's top coat for super shine and chip protection.

I Know That Hooker will debut on Monday December 16th, at 9 p.m. The bottles will be shipped with plenty of time for you to wear this baby to the movies.

Two coats of I Know That Hooker with Gold Digger in full sun with topcoat

Two coats of I Know That Hooker with Gold Digger in full sun with topcoat

Just look at that holo in the bottle!! 

You can find Pretty Bitch Polish on Big Cartel and on Facebook

Friday, December 13, 2013

What a Girl's Nails Mean

This video has been circulating in the nail world and it is pretty legit. I cannot stop laughing at it! My nails have been in most of the categories she stereotypes :) The video does contain explicit language and some adult references so it's not for the feint of heart.

"If you don't hear from me for like three hours, don't worry, I'm not dead. 
I'm just getting a tiny squirrel painted on my nails."

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pretty B Polish: One Night Stand

This was a limited edition polish put out by Jaclyn at Pretty Bitch Polish. She created this beauty after some restock frustration and I'm so glad she did!

One Night Stand is a teal base packed with teal flakies! This is seriously a flakie bomb. This applied fully opaque with just two coats. It had a bit of texture due to the flakie pigment, but a coat of top coat smoothed it out nicely. This was also so incredibly hard to photograph. It was so insanely reflective that my camera could only focus by completely eliminating the reflective-ness.

I heard through the grapevine that we have more flakies to look forward to! If they are anything like this, they will rock my socks off!

Two coats of One Night Stand in direct sun

Slightly blown out to show the flakies! 

Just look at how gorgeous this is! 

Also, if you didn't see her announcement, the store has moved from Storenvy to Big Cartel. This move was made for the benefit of customers so that cart holds could be added and so the site could handle a higher level of traffic during new release restocks. 

You can find Pretty Bitch Polish on Big Cartel and on Facebook

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Love Nail Polish: Molly

Recently, I have wandered into the realm of I <3 NP and Barbara and Jason's awesome customer service. They had a Fall/Winter release with 16 polishes and I happened to nab 11 of them in the pre-order. My experience with them until this point had been with their multi-chrome polishes since they seemed to be the front runner with those. This time though, the line was dominated by holos and multi-chrome holos! Since I already had three of their multi-chromes, I went for some holos and flakies. Here is the first of that line that I have to share.

I had to pick up this one when I saw it. I love the deep Cranberry color and my mother's name is Molly! Molly is a deliciously deep cranberry red with just the tiniest purple hint in certain lighting. Below is two coats topped with HK Girl under my Ott Lite since the sun refused to come out!

The formula went on smoothly and it wore great for the two days that I had it on. There were no streaks and depending on how heavy handed you are, you might be able to get away with one thick coat or one coat over black if you want to deepen it up. As far as holos go, it had a very strong holo that was present even in low lighting.

I <3 NP Molly under an Ott Lite indoors

Close up of my thumb nail
If you want to pick up some I <3 NP, you can pick them up on Barbara and Jason's website. They are very reasonably priced with the holos at $10 each. Also, their site is so easy to use that it makes restocks and preorders a dream! I'm off to buy the Christmas line :) 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Massive Holiday Giveaway- Win Awesome Prizes!

Hi all!! I'm almost done with exams- YAY! I do have something special to share with you until I'm back. A fellow blogger is hosting an amazing Holiday Giveaway which I am part of :) I'm sponsoring one of the prizes. Check out what there is to win and see what you get! 
Here is Ariel from Lacquer: The Best Medicine's post:

It's that time of year, ladies & gents! We're bundling up, gettin' toasty by the fire, and best of all, we're wearing our HOLIDAY polishes! And, since we can never have enough holiday ANYTHING, here's a giveaway for you to enter with LOADS of prizes up for grabs to keep your nails nice and festive this holiday season!

The giveaway is open internationally, so feel free to enter no matter where you're from! <3

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! =)

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Giveaway!

While I'm gone, check out this giveaway hosted by Weird Stuff in My Desk!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I Will Return- Hopefully!

Hi my lovelies! I am going on hiatus this week for law school finals. I will finish up on Thursday and I'll see you back after then. Any words of encouragement in the meantime will be greatly appreciated. When I return, prepare for some awesome swatches and some great nail art since I'll have time to really sit down and do my nails.

Until then, this is most likely my current state:

Or this: