Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Well, Shit- Accidents happen!

My friend over at Pretty Bitch Polish has been cooking up some awesome stuff. Jaclyn is churning out new product at an insane rate. That said, there are some uh-ohs and pigments gone awry sometimes. But, out of those unintentional final results, a few gems shine through!

Here I have a swatch of Well, Shit. Well, Shit is the result of a freaky instance where a new pigment she was testing didn't want to play well with the holo pigments. Instead of creating a silvery rainbow, the new pigment took over and instead created this awesome plum based, blue microshimmer/fleck-like polish. I am definitely a fan of it.

This will be sold in her BigCartel store as a small batch prototype in the next restock on Nov. 30th for Small Business Saturday. See if you can grab one of the limited bottles!

Three coats of Well, Shit sealed with HK Girl topcoat :) It gets red/maroon shifts at the edges in the sun! It is so squishy and shimmery

You can find Pretty Bitch Polish on StoreEnvy and on Facebook

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