Thursday, November 7, 2013

Upcoming Lilypad Lacquer Colors!

Lilypad Lacquer has some new shades coming out! Nicole is such a master with her creations and with over 100 different shades out, she still is creating unique polishes. All color descriptions are Nicoles :) Here are some of her sneak peeks:

Pure Indulgence coming soon! Rich deep chocolate brown holo.

Tempting Toffee - I had to share this delicious shade, beautiful rich caramel/toffee holo

Rebel at heart coming soon!! Beautiful rich deep candy apple red holo.

To dance with a peacock - new release - coming soon!
Beautiful deep teal with stunning rainbow, just like a peacock!
Diamond in the rough! Lovely nude/neutral base packed with microfine holo glitter and pigment!
Super sparkly, totally safe for work too.

Frogs Alive!

Peita's potion! This was created for my lovely friend Peita from Peita's Polish. She just loves her pinks and purples so I think this suits her to a tea! This is a limited edition polish. Pic here shows 3 coats, no top coat, in full sun.

Almost Famous - custom polish made for @almostfamousnails
Thanks Megan for sharing your dream polish! I totally enjoyed working with you in creating this and hope you enjoy it
Gorgeous rich purple/pink holo duochrome. These pics show 2 coats in full sun - no top coat.

These swatches are done by Nicole after she creates a polish. They are not my swatches nor are they other blogger swatches. Enjoy the beauty and don't critique the photos :)  As always, you can check her out on Facebook or at her Etsy store!

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