Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Supernatural Day 4: Meet Ruby

Continuing my Pretty Bitch Polish and  Supernatural week, I have another character to share with you. Ruby was a transient witch turned demon character that floated in and out of the show. We saw her with two different vessels to date. I was a fan of the first blonde below! Ruby causes so much havoc using and abusing Sam but she was still awesome at the same time. No line of polish would have been complete without paying homage to the con artist that is Ruby. If you've seen the show, are you a fan of Ruby or a hater?

Ruby's polish is described as a glitter mix with red to purple to orange color shift pigment, a mix of various sized red glitter hexes, orange and purple glitters, and matte white and black hex glitters of various sizes. Ruby was always getting in fights with Dean so it was appropriate that it is named: Tastes Like Ass.

Dean Winchester: You saved my life.
Ruby: Don't mention it.
Dean Winchester: What was that stuff? God, it was ass. Tasted like ass.
Ruby: It's called witchcraft, short bus.
Dean Winchester: ...You're the short bus, short bus... 

I swatched this polish over a creamy nude base to bring out all of the colors packed into it. The orange and red shimmer really stand out in the bottle shot. I found this glitter to work best in a dab and paint method since it is just so choc full of glitter in the bottle. Below is two coats of glitter topped with a thick coat of Poshe to smooth everything out. The glitters did not curl or peel and laid really flat for how many there were.

Ruby in full sun

Here you can see the cream base I used. This one is an unreleased polish! 

Look at this macro shot! All that shimmer and micro glitter really comes out :) 

Andddddd just because I love Ruby :) :

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