Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to Paint Your Nails Like a Pro

I was recently asked how I get such a clean line on my nails and how I paint them without being super messy. Well it has been a learning curve. When I first got back into painting my nails it was a mess. It looked like a toddler got ahold of my polish and went nuts. Even if I could get my left hand to be clean, the right hand was always a mess.

How to apply the polish

This diagram is the best picture I've found floating around of how I paint my nails. I learned from this after seeing it on Pinterest and other blogs and it truly does work. I also suggest a good flat steady surface that has enough room for you to prop your wrists/elbows comfortably on. If I paint them on the couch I have a much shoddier job than when I set on the floor and use my coffee table.

How to clean up your polish

Now that you have a good foundation and not too messy of cuticles, how do you get that clean crisp line that bloggers have? Well our secret is pure acetone and a small brush. I pour a little dish of acetone and using an angled brush, I slowly remove all the excess polish from around my nail and then paint a smooth clean line around my cuticles. The first few times you try this, you might douse your cuticle in acetone, but dab the brush on the edge of the container to leave just a tad of acetone on the brush and you will have more control.

I use this little $1 ELF brush that I picked up at Target. I like my brush to have a slight angle so I used a sharp pair of scissors to trim the bristles. I've had this brush for 3 months now and I am just now needing a replacement. For $1 a pop, it's not too shabby!

Now add some cuticle oil around your fingers and you should have an awesome looking polish job! What are your favorite tips and tricks? 

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