Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Invasion

That's right. Turkey Day is over! Now it's time for the invasion of all things Christmas. Red and green manicures are going to be on full blast for the next few weeks. Today is no exception.

Releasing on Monday are two Christmas themed polishes from Pretty Bitch Polish. These are part of her Cyber Monday releases and are limited edition so snatch them up! HO HO wHOre is an orange leaning red micro flakie holo.... translation -> mega shinies!  Jingle Tits is a soft green scattered holo.

These swatches aren't going to show their usual holo punch because 1) It's been absolutely freezing cold here 2) The sun has been boycotting me. These images were taken under my daylight bulbs in my lightbox. As result, you can see some of the holo-goodness, but it does not compare to these babies in the sunlight! For some context, you can imagine me swearing up a storm at how frustrated it was to miss so much of the holo.

First up we have HO HO wHOre. This applied opaque in two coats and while it was a bit thicker than her usual holos because of all of the flakie pigments, it was manageable. It smoothed out with a nice layer of topcoat and showed its flakie self off nicely.

On my accent nail, I taped off a triangle with painters tape and added some Jingle Tits. I used a bobby pin to fish out some circle glitter for ornaments and then a silver pen to add what originally was a star on top of the tree. Quick and easy!

HO HO wHOre with an accent nail of Jingle Tits and some random glitter I fished out of a bottle of Polish Addict Keep Calm, I'm a Polish Addict! 

See all the flakie holo goodness in the bottle!

Next up is Jingle Tits. This was almost a one coat-er. I applied two just to be safe on camera. This is a soft scattered holo as most creamier holo based polishes are. It is a nice hue that is different than your standard Christmas Tree green. It was easy to work with and dried nicely. 

Oh dear! One of my kitties snuck his hair into this swatch! Here is two coats of Jingle Tits dotted with HO HO wHOre and Model's Own Silver Nail Art Pen. 

A bottle shot showing off some sparkly holo pigment I got on the outside :) This image is more yellow than the color actually is. The first swatch above is color accurate. 

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