Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Invasion

That's right. Turkey Day is over! Now it's time for the invasion of all things Christmas. Red and green manicures are going to be on full blast for the next few weeks. Today is no exception.

Releasing on Monday are two Christmas themed polishes from Pretty Bitch Polish. These are part of her Cyber Monday releases and are limited edition so snatch them up! HO HO wHOre is an orange leaning red micro flakie holo.... translation -> mega shinies!  Jingle Tits is a soft green scattered holo.

These swatches aren't going to show their usual holo punch because 1) It's been absolutely freezing cold here 2) The sun has been boycotting me. These images were taken under my daylight bulbs in my lightbox. As result, you can see some of the holo-goodness, but it does not compare to these babies in the sunlight! For some context, you can imagine me swearing up a storm at how frustrated it was to miss so much of the holo.

First up we have HO HO wHOre. This applied opaque in two coats and while it was a bit thicker than her usual holos because of all of the flakie pigments, it was manageable. It smoothed out with a nice layer of topcoat and showed its flakie self off nicely.

On my accent nail, I taped off a triangle with painters tape and added some Jingle Tits. I used a bobby pin to fish out some circle glitter for ornaments and then a silver pen to add what originally was a star on top of the tree. Quick and easy!

HO HO wHOre with an accent nail of Jingle Tits and some random glitter I fished out of a bottle of Polish Addict Keep Calm, I'm a Polish Addict! 

See all the flakie holo goodness in the bottle!

Next up is Jingle Tits. This was almost a one coat-er. I applied two just to be safe on camera. This is a soft scattered holo as most creamier holo based polishes are. It is a nice hue that is different than your standard Christmas Tree green. It was easy to work with and dried nicely. 

Oh dear! One of my kitties snuck his hair into this swatch! Here is two coats of Jingle Tits dotted with HO HO wHOre and Model's Own Silver Nail Art Pen. 

A bottle shot showing off some sparkly holo pigment I got on the outside :) This image is more yellow than the color actually is. The first swatch above is color accurate. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!

No polish for you all today, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I'm down visiting my family today so I'm likely in the middle of chasing up to 4 kids and 1 hyperactive dog :)

Here is some turkey nail art from Pinterest if you want to spruce up your mani to be festive!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Well, Shit- Accidents happen!

My friend over at Pretty Bitch Polish has been cooking up some awesome stuff. Jaclyn is churning out new product at an insane rate. That said, there are some uh-ohs and pigments gone awry sometimes. But, out of those unintentional final results, a few gems shine through!

Here I have a swatch of Well, Shit. Well, Shit is the result of a freaky instance where a new pigment she was testing didn't want to play well with the holo pigments. Instead of creating a silvery rainbow, the new pigment took over and instead created this awesome plum based, blue microshimmer/fleck-like polish. I am definitely a fan of it.

This will be sold in her BigCartel store as a small batch prototype in the next restock on Nov. 30th for Small Business Saturday. See if you can grab one of the limited bottles!

Three coats of Well, Shit sealed with HK Girl topcoat :) It gets red/maroon shifts at the edges in the sun! It is so squishy and shimmery

You can find Pretty Bitch Polish on StoreEnvy and on Facebook

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Naked Without Polish

Rescue Beauty Lounge, a high end polish maker put out a fan collection. In this collection, Ji collaborated with various fans to create their ideal shade. I picked up four of these and I have the first of those to show you today.

Naked Without Polish was created in collaboration with a fan who described her ideal color as:

“It would be a pure carnation pink base. Very basic and very creamy, no jellies (as much as I love them). I want a polish that is opaque in 2 coats. I want the pink base to be filled with a gold shimmer, for the sun to catch the gold and just make it shine! I want my polish to be soft and girlie, but still make an impact and stand out. I want it to be a color people can wear year-round, a color that cheers you up on a bad day. I’ve been dreaming of this polish ever since I can remember. I’ve been a polish lover since I was 13 and I can’t find anything that comes close to being my absolute dream polish, even though I do have several on my favorites list. This ONE polish is always in the back of my mind. Just the thought of it takes my breath away and makes me smile.”

These swatches are two coats of Naked Without Polish with both gloss and matte topcoats. It was a lot creamier than I expected and on the first coat I wasn't seeing as much gold fleck as I hoped. I thinned out the polish a hair and on the second coat, I was much happier and it applied much smoother and less thick.

This amazing thing about this formula is it wore like iron. Three days later I was begging for a chip so I could change my mani and swatch something else. On me, most polishes will chip by at the latest day two. I'm curious how long I can rock an RBL mani before it chips!

You can see just how soft  the baby pink base is in this photo! 

This is with a matte top coat and I liked how it brought out the gold flecks, but it did lose the soft shimmer in the process

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pretty B Polish: Ash and W.A.D.

I have another two polishes from Pretty Bitch Polish to show you! Both of these are limited edition polishes so take note!

The base color of this mani is What a Douche. This is a silvery holographic polish that has a slight icy blue lean. It goes on with no streaks and is opaque in two coats. The holo is very strong and you can tell it's packed with holo-y goodness the moment you see the bottle. The holo peeks through the glitter nicely.

I topped What a Douche with Ash from the Supernatural collection.

Ash's polish is described as:

Ash is a glitter topper that is mixed with blue/purple color shift pigment, micro silver holographic glitter, medium-sized blue, teal, and purple iridescent hex glitters, micro black, blue, purple, green and teal glitters, and silver and iridescent shreds. 
Ash's polish is aptly named Evil Sons of Bitches:

The color shift pigment and blue shimmer came out so lovely in real life but I couldn't get it to come out to play for the camera. You can see hints of it in my blurry thumb shot, but it really is an "I need to see it in real life" shimmer. This is one coat of Ash topped with a thick top coat because it was a bit topcoat hungry. There was no dabbing or glitter placement required with this polish and its consistency was nice and not too thick.

You can find Pretty Bitch Polish on StoreEnvy and on Facebook

Friday, November 15, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Movember Manis: I Mustache You a Question

My friends in law school are participating in Movember. For those of you who don't know what Movember is: It is a national awareness campaign for men's health where guys get an excuse not to shave for the whole month. They have expanded it this year from not just prostate and testicular cancer to also men's mental health. The law school guys raised a ton last year and hope to do the same this year! Here are the fantastic UNC Law Bro-stachin' Barristers:

It's me behind the camera :) 
If you want to help donate to their cause, here is their team page:

To help celebrate Movember I decided to create a Mustache mani! This one almost didn't get posted because I'm not content with how it turned out but I wanted to share it anyways since not only does it continue Pretty Bitch Supernatural week, it also help start the awareness.

This polish is an unreleased early version of the upcoming Trickster polish for the Supernatural line. I liked the creaminess of it so I repurposed it with some extra white base and made it a crelly :) I added these sweet stache decals and it looked kick ass..... well until I added the top coat. I tried two different top coats and they both seemed to melt the decals and make them curl. I smoothed them out the best I could to grab this quick photo before they curled and died.

Take note that this is not my best photo since this was no cleanup under my kitchen light with no handcreme!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Supernatural Day 4: Meet Ruby

Continuing my Pretty Bitch Polish and  Supernatural week, I have another character to share with you. Ruby was a transient witch turned demon character that floated in and out of the show. We saw her with two different vessels to date. I was a fan of the first blonde below! Ruby causes so much havoc using and abusing Sam but she was still awesome at the same time. No line of polish would have been complete without paying homage to the con artist that is Ruby. If you've seen the show, are you a fan of Ruby or a hater?

Ruby's polish is described as a glitter mix with red to purple to orange color shift pigment, a mix of various sized red glitter hexes, orange and purple glitters, and matte white and black hex glitters of various sizes. Ruby was always getting in fights with Dean so it was appropriate that it is named: Tastes Like Ass.

Dean Winchester: You saved my life.
Ruby: Don't mention it.
Dean Winchester: What was that stuff? God, it was ass. Tasted like ass.
Ruby: It's called witchcraft, short bus.
Dean Winchester: ...You're the short bus, short bus... 

I swatched this polish over a creamy nude base to bring out all of the colors packed into it. The orange and red shimmer really stand out in the bottle shot. I found this glitter to work best in a dab and paint method since it is just so choc full of glitter in the bottle. Below is two coats of glitter topped with a thick coat of Poshe to smooth everything out. The glitters did not curl or peel and laid really flat for how many there were.

Ruby in full sun

Here you can see the cream base I used. This one is an unreleased polish! 

Look at this macro shot! All that shimmer and micro glitter really comes out :) 

Andddddd just because I love Ruby :) :

You can find Pretty Bitch Polish on StoreEnvy and on Facebook

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Supernatural Day 3- Meet Jo

Continuing my Pretty Bitch Polish and  Supernatural week, I have a yet to be released polish for you. Jo was one of my favorite characters on the show and I was sad to see her go. Her polish is a purple glitter bomb with tons of purple microglitter, and with lavender, silver, and teal hexes. I've had this polish for a week and I've already used it twice!

The base for Jo in this mani is Lilypad Lacquer Spearmint Leaves. This is a gorgeous teal holo with a metallic shimmer finish. I hadn't seen swatches of this before I bought it, but I'm happy I did. Both Jo and Spearmint Leaves went on easily and shown below is two coats Spearmint with one coat of Jo sealed off with a Poshe top coat.

Oh, the name for Jo's polish? It's Rainbows out their Ass :)

Yes. This is an actual scene in the show! 

Lilypad Lacquer Spearmint Leaves topped with Pretty Bitch Polish Jo in full sun

Look at that holo :) 

A gorgeous bottle macro shot to show you all the wonder! 

You can find Pretty Bitch Polish on StoreEnvy and on Facebook

Monday, November 11, 2013

Supernatural Day 2: Meet Dean and Bobby

I am continuing my Supernatural polish theme from last week with two more Pretty Bitch Polishes from the limited edition line. Over the next week you will see more from this line because I have declared it Supernatural week!

First up, we have the second Winchester boy- I introduce you to Dean. Dean's polish is described on the site as a military green/brown leaning shimmer. I would definitely say that on me it stays more in the brown zone with a flash of military green in certain lights. It also has a nice gold shimmer that comes out to play in the sun. This polish went opaque in two coats and was very easy to work with. Like all shimmers you will see the faintest of brush strokes, but they are not distracting at all. Dean's polish is named Cram it with Walnuts, Ugly

Dean out in full sun

I decided to post the next one with Dean's polish because I used it as the base layer. Bobby's polish is described as a glitter polish that is made with copper to green color shift pigment, small copper glitters, and a mix of medium-sized iridescent copper, brown, and green hexes. This is such a fun polish for fall. In the swatches below, each finger has one coat of Bobby except the ring finger which has two coats. Over other colors, this polish has a brown shimmer base which stands out even more. Bobby's polish is called: I'll Fudgin' Kill You!

Bobby in full sun

You can find Pretty Bitch Polish on StoreEnvy and on Facebook

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Polish With an Attitude- Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole

I have a new indie polish maker to show you today. I will warn you to stop reading now if you can't handle a brand that is bold and not afraid to cross the line. The polish is fantastic and I love that the names are bold and completely NSFW :) Her tag line is Polish With an Attitude and she succeeds!

What polish is this? Well that would be Pretty Bitch Polish! The creator J Michelle- model/actress turned polish maker- wanted to create a line that was edgy yet with a great formula. From what I have tested so far, she has done just that. Best known are her super holos that will pop up later, but I think her cremes are perfection. Her black creme Fuck It is a ONE COAT black creme that is amazing as a base, but also stamps like a dream.

Below though, is a line both her and I have talked about so much recently. We both are huge Supernatural Fans so I had to snag up the whole Supernatural line which consists of 3 shimmers, 1 color changing top coat, and 4 glitters. The first I have for you is Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole. This polish is a tribute to Sam and if you remember, Dean told him the above quote when they were settling in Baby and Sam was whining about the music.

Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole is a gorgeous copper shimmer with a silver fleck. In some lights it leans a rose gold color. I was weary of this because copper doesn't always play well with my skin however I loved wearing this polish and it is going to come out of my stash a lot. I decided to stamp over it using Fuck It to add a little extra something. I chose a sprocket stamp out of my Bundle Monster 400 series set of plates. It just screamed Sam to me. The second runner up was a picture of a moose :)

Now that you've listened to me this far and endured my videos and GIFs, here are the pictures you've been waiting for! 

Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole in full sunlight. Look at that shimmer! 

Up close in the sun :) 

Sam! Our favorite moose

You can find Pretty Bitch Polish on StoreEnvy and on Facebook. Not only is the maker super talented, she is the prettiest bitch of them all. Don't believe me? Well look at her logo! That is the awesome maker featured :) 

Upcoming Lilypad Lacquer Colors!

Lilypad Lacquer has some new shades coming out! Nicole is such a master with her creations and with over 100 different shades out, she still is creating unique polishes. All color descriptions are Nicoles :) Here are some of her sneak peeks:

Pure Indulgence coming soon! Rich deep chocolate brown holo.

Tempting Toffee - I had to share this delicious shade, beautiful rich caramel/toffee holo

Rebel at heart coming soon!! Beautiful rich deep candy apple red holo.

To dance with a peacock - new release - coming soon!
Beautiful deep teal with stunning rainbow, just like a peacock!
Diamond in the rough! Lovely nude/neutral base packed with microfine holo glitter and pigment!
Super sparkly, totally safe for work too.

Frogs Alive!

Peita's potion! This was created for my lovely friend Peita from Peita's Polish. She just loves her pinks and purples so I think this suits her to a tea! This is a limited edition polish. Pic here shows 3 coats, no top coat, in full sun.

Almost Famous - custom polish made for @almostfamousnails
Thanks Megan for sharing your dream polish! I totally enjoyed working with you in creating this and hope you enjoy it
Gorgeous rich purple/pink holo duochrome. These pics show 2 coats in full sun - no top coat.

These swatches are done by Nicole after she creates a polish. They are not my swatches nor are they other blogger swatches. Enjoy the beauty and don't critique the photos :)  As always, you can check her out on Facebook or at her Etsy store!