Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Sky is Alive with Black Pearls

In a classic me move, I'm bringing back my come back with one of my favorite makers- Lilypad Lacquer! In the past I have shown you some beauties, but this one takes the cake. 

Black Pearl is a mega-holo with a pink pearlescent shimmer and these micro-flakies that completely want to evade the camera. This is an "I stare at my nails all day" polish for sure! I topped it off with an accent nail of LPL The Sky is Alive. This polish can be worn on its own or just a quick coat over black. Here, I layered three coats alone for maximum impact. It is a deep blue flakie that has a purple shift to it. Unfortunately try and I might, I couldn't get the purple to show for you all. Longer nails would have helped with it. 

I'm going to let the photos of this baby speak for themselves. I took so many of it and it was hard to narrow them down! 

This is an indoor shot under my white light. You can see the faintest of purple in The Sky is Alive. 

Holo happiness!

Slight blur for more holo! 

Nicole is on some much needed RnR right now (though she is still making new colors!), but she can be found at her Etsy store and on Facebook. Llarowe also keeps well stocked on Lilypads!  

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