Friday, October 25, 2013

The Lost Series

Occasionally a mani won't make it to be photographed or I forget it for some reason until it is too late/chipped. These two are crappy cell phone shots of two of those lost manis! Once in a while I snap a picture with my cell phone to show my mom or because the light at the moment is perfect but I don't have my real camera with me.

The first is a Halloween mani I was trying out some of my new stamping plates on. The base is Girly Bits King of the Lab, a squishy orange jelly polish. The accent nail is Girly Bits Grave Digger, a black jelly packed with purple, orange, and other glitters. The glitter topper is Peita's Polish Monster Mash. I am hoping to modify this mani to make a real appearance once I fine tune some issues I had. This was worn home and I didn't have a chance to pack it before I left on my roadtrip. 

While I was at my parents, my Halloween mani chipped so I broke out my Lilypad Lacquer City Lights. This baby is a one coater and is more sparkly than you can imagine. It will definitely make a reappearance along with a video to show how diverse this polish is! 

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