Thursday, October 24, 2013

Path to Immortality

What I love about down time in Summer breaks is that I can read as many non-legal books and my heart desires. This summer I went on a Harry Potter binge and reread most of them. While reading them I had to wear Harry Potter themed nail polish of course! 

Lucky 13 Lacquer is a great indie polish maker and she has an entire line of Harry Potter themed polishes! I grabbed four, Path to Immortality, Golden Snitch, Avada Kedavra, and Brave at Heart. 

This polish is Path to Immortality which is a black jelly with various sized gold hex glitters. It was inspired by Voldemort's horcruxes. It applies smoothly. The formula is a bit thicker but this helps with control and placement of the glitters. It does not clump and I had it opaque in three coats mostly because visible nail line drives me insane! You could easily layer this over black but I love the depth that jelly layers give the polish. 

Unlike some other glitter polishes, this was almost perfectly smooth once it dried. I only one thin layer of HK Girl on top to make a perfectly smooth surface and to pump up the shine. This wore for 3 days with no chips. It likely would have lasted much longer but I had to change my polish! 

Lucky 13 Lacquer Path to Immortality topped with HK Girl topcoat

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