Monday, October 21, 2013

My Fur Babies :)

I've talked alot about my school stuff recently and I figured I would give you a cute post to let you know a bit about me. In addition to being a law student, I have two fur babies who are my world. I got Ninja and Legacy from the time they were each about 7 weeks old. Ninja is a full blown bengal cat who thinks he his a wild leopard. Legacy is a half bengal and much more calm and super needy.

You'll get a preview of Ninja in a later post when he and I play "Ninja picks the polish I wear." Here is a quick snap of Legacy scoping out my new shipment of Emily de Molly polishes fresh in from Australia! It really seems that most of my favorite polishes are hailing from down under lately.  EdM happens to not ship to the US so I had to use an Aussie friend as an intermediary to ship them to me. She rocks!

No matter how hard I tried, I could not get him to look at me with the camera. He was much more interested in scoping out the polishes and planning on stealing the tissue paper from my What's In-die Box? in the background :)

Lined up: Dark Crystals, Land of Confusion, Devotion, Moment of Impact, Fifth Element, Indigo Flow

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