Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lifting Holo Prints- Halloween Mani #1

I recently learned how to stamp much better than you've seen here in the past. The secret was getting what is called a "squishy" stamper instead of my regular Konad one. I found one on! The squish stamper molds to your nail eliminating the wiggle issues with a hard stamper you have to roll over the nail. 

The idea for this nail design came out of a stamping group I'm in. Each Sunday they put out a challenge and this week it was to stamp over a black base. I took that a step further and picked a deep charcoal black holo. This is two coats of Hits Zeus stamped over with an unnamed silver holo from Urban Outfitters

For the stamp, I picked a Halloween-esque set of fingerprints from Bundle Monster plate BM-414. These aren't as in your face as I wanted, but they still were very fun to look at IRL and I got several compliments on the sparkliness of my nails.

Full sun holo shot. The linear effect in the two colors complement each other very nicely when they are combined

Hits polishes have a pretty wide brush and stiffer bristles than I am used to, however with some practice I was able to paint with minimal clean up much easier than I usually do with standard brushes. The color payoff was perfect in two coats and I am going to go back and wear this polish on its own at sometime.

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