Thursday, September 26, 2013

NOTD: Zombee Stamping

If you happen to follow my blog regularly, you know that I had an unfortunate nail incident when I found myself locked out of my apartment just over a week ago. The screen door took a few of my nails in the battle leaving me with nubbins.

This is the mani I was wearing that day. 

I'm a bit sad this picture can't be clearer because I am in love with this color. Zombee is a neon yellow green holo created by one of my favorite makers- Lilypad Lacquer.  <- Seriously, I'm a fangirl. When I type Etsy into my google bar, it automatically fills it in to go to her store :)

Nicole is a genius with her color choices. This color is an homage to one of her close friends who owns a car by this same name and color!

Why is this not clearer? Well, if you stare really hard,  you can see the split down my communication finger on the right side of the picture. After I pried off the door, I knew that I would have to cut my nails down but I didn't want to lose this mani before it could be photographed. I ran back on my deck, risking being locked out again, to snap some quick shots before the nail succumbed.

The upside was when I cut these down to nubbins, the color looked fab on my stumpy nails too! I am also planning on ordering a super squishy stamper to help me apply stamps onto my uber curved nails too :) Be prepare for some more stamp jobs pairing Zombee with other awesome Lilypads.

Lilypad Lacquer Zombee stamped with Wet n' Wild Black Creme and sealed with HK Girl.

Nicole is on some much needed RnR right now (though she is still making new colors!), but she can be found at her Etsy store and on Facebook. Keep your eyes open on Oct. 1 in Australia because she will be rolling out some new colors- including a Halloween holo :) 


  1. 1) I have never heard of Lilypad Lacquer, but that color is fantastic- I'll be checking her out!
    2) I'm so glad you commented so I could find your blog! It's really cool! :D
    3) Aw, if your Shambolic is unloved, I would love to adopt it! Is there anything (or multiple things) here [] you might trade for it?

    1. Hi! I'm sorry for the huge delay in my response. I had a mock trial and then I got sick so I've been playing a giant game of catch up. Lilypads are by far my favorite indie polishes! She is stocked on Llarowe but sells out quickly. If you ever want to grab a bottle, I usually place a large order direct when she opens up and I can snag you one. I'd be up for swaping Shambolic for your Zoya Giovanna if that sounds good to you. My email is just my first and last name if we want to work out the details. I'd be happy for Shambolic to see some love!