Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NOTD: Lei Down the Law

Lei Down the Law is a Limited Edition glow in the dark topper created by Serum No. 5. As a law student, I had to acquire this just for the name. It helped that it is a pretty polish too. Eventually, I will own all the law related polishes if I can find them. 

This polish has been most swatched over white so I wanted to go to the complete opposite spectrum. I used China Glaze Smoke and Ashes which is a blackened base with green micro flakies in it. Over this, I painted to coats of Lei Down the Law. The only downside with this combination is that the glow in the dark pigment makes the clear base slightly milky which dulled the black base. I have since purchased an awesome pinky purple I want to use as a base next time. 

The only downside I found with this polish is that it is a topcoat eater. I had to put three coats of TC on to get it relatively smooth. This is common though with glitters and with glow in the darks since their pigments tend to be coarser. The glitter also made it tough for my camera to focus since there was so much depth to this mani <- never a problem in real life :) 

Lei Down the Law over CG Smoke and Ashes in the shade

Lei Down the Law in the dark gives off a pure white glow!

This was my first time attempting to photograph a glow in the dark polish. I think next time I will set up a tripod and let the bottle and my nails charge a bit longer before photographing it.

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