Monday, September 16, 2013

It's a Sad Day in the Nail World

As a quick insight into my sad nails right now, I figured I'd give you a glimpse of my current hodgepodge mani where I used my hands instead of swatch sticks.

I finally had my nails to a happy long length and I was getting used to them being long. It was super exciting until a fairly embarrassing incident. This weekend, I wanted to enjoy the nice weather and did some homework on my tiny sad patio that only fits a chair:

I left the sliding door open and just shut the screen while I was outside. The screen was fully closed to keep the kitties from escaping. I don't know how, but the screen lock slid down and locked the screen shut. Thankfully, I am on the first floor and could hop over the railing and I was able to get to my spare key for my front door, but it did me no good. I keep both bolts locked when I'm home so the key only would open one bolt from the outside leaving me stranded outside my apartment. Since it was the weekend, I couldn't call the front office. The only way in was to pry my sliding screen door off the track, which was harder than it sounds. I broke three nails in the process and got lots of weird looks from my fur babies. 

To make the long story short, I now have nubbins. I am wearing a base of Lilypad Lacquer Oceanic (my favorite brand!!) and swatched on top are two beauties I got from Australia that you will see reviewed in the next week. Oceanic is on my pinky and the rest if my fingers have a layer of the other polishes. 

Aren't these nubbins sad?! I can't wait til they grow so I can swatch again!!

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