Friday, September 6, 2013

I promise I'm alive!!

You might or might have noticed my MIA spurt. Well let me tell you why because it has been insane lately.

I've started back to my 3rd and final year of law school! As result, each weekend, I've had full training sessions for my Juvenile Justice Clinic and Trial Advocacy classes. They will end after this weekend so I can have weekend blogging time again!

My parents went to our family reunion in Texas so I went to their place and baby sat all of my nieces and nephews. After 5 days with them, I am certain that only my cat children are destined to be in my near future! They are 8, 5, 4, and 3 months old! We did go to the zoo in Asheboro, NC one day so it was a pretty awesome time. Other than that, those days were spent breaking up fights and being bathed in baby puke- ew.

The biggest thing for me though is I GOT A JOB. A REAL LIFE ADULT JOB!!  In the fall, I will be starting as an Associate at Mullen, Holland & Cooper practicing in Federal Bankruptcy law. I could not be more excited. Since I have taken no bankruptcy courses prior, I promptly switched my schedule around so I'm trying to play catch up and learn 2 weeks of material before my first class after my transfer next Tuesday.

Whew! I am tired just reading about all of that! I've still been painting and photographing so I have a healthy back log of reviews and manicures to show you when I get a chance to sit down and load them into Photoshop.

To satiate your nail hunger, here is a quick photo of an 11pm swatch fest I had trying to avoid my bankruptcy book. These are all new babies and they have not yet made their way onto my nails yet!

Here are several Mentality Polishes, NailNation 3000, Colors by Llarowe, Philly Loves Lacquer, Too Fancy Lacquer, Julep, Lilypad Lacquer, and Crow's Toes :) 

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