Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NOTD: Ruby Slippers

6 Week Mani Challenge Week 5: Red

Why yes, this is another Lilypad Lacquer :) I told you I was obsessed and this one happens to fit into my catchall color theme in this mani challenge. If it weren't for the challenge, all of my manis would be Lilypad for the next week and I'd be one happy person.

Ruby Slippers is a slightly pink leaning red which works perfectly with my skin tone. Some reds make me look a bit yellow when they are a "true red." I'll show you an example tomorrow. Just like True Blood, this polish was done in one, but I put two coats just to feed my paranoia about sheerness. I had just gotten a Model's Own nail art pen in the mail when I did this so I decided to try some tribal-eque lines on my accent nail. While not perfect, I feel the silver contrasts perfectly with Ruby Slippers.

I did not want to take this polish off. Even in dim lighting, it was flashing its holo at me and distracting me from my Family Law reading! <- Well that isn't hard to do, but you know what I mean :)

Lilypad Laquer in Ruby Slippers - Model's Own Nail Art Pen in Silver

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