Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NOTD: Rainbow Concrete

My move next week is taking up so much time lately! I need to stock pile some posts and get pictures off my camera onto the blog! I haven't had time for nail art lately so here is a quick glitterbomb I got in my Polish Addict Mystery box. The box was $20 and contained 4 full-size polishes, 3 mini-size polishes, 1 nail file, a discount coupon, nail tape, and some glitter sequins! It was definitely a great value and they are planning on making them a monthly option. The colors were great, but are definitely not for people who do not like glitter.

This color is named Rainbow Concrete and definitely lives up to its name. It is a grey jelly base that builds up to full opacity in three coats. It is filled with every color glitter you can imagine. There are some larger circle glitters, but I only picked up a few of them and thankfully I also only picked up two pieces of bar glitter since I'm not a huge fan of it.

Polish Addict Rainbow Concrete in natural light from a window. Excuse the bow on my index finger, I had a nasty cuticle tear and wanted to spare you from it :) I added two coats of Seche on top of this to smooth out the glitter. The polish did tend to eat the first coat a little bit.

I'm still on the fence of how I feel about this being so jam packed with glitter, but it is a fascinating color to look at and I might keep it just for the name. My dad does does construction and pours concrete so the whole family was just tickled that there was a polish named after concrete! 

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