Friday, August 2, 2013

NOTD: Cult Nails Mayhem

6 Week Mani Challenge Week 1: Blue Holographic Nails

I recently purchased the Cult Nails Road Trip Collection after seeing someone with this exact same manicure on a different blog. I loved the colors and the holographic topcoat and had to have it! The collection comes with three creme polishes and two different topcoats: one holographic and one holo and yellow! 

Since two of this week's themes are blue and holographic, this fit perfectly :) The Mayhem holo top coat is fantastic and gives off a scattered holo. It is pretty comparable to the coveted EP Djinn in a Bottle. I'll post some holo top coat comparisons this weekend (I might have 4 different ones!). Party Time is a great blue with a slight teal leaning undertone. In real life, this is even more holo-y than it shows so just imagine how wonderful! I love catching the holo in the sun! 

On my accent nails, I used these great decals from Viva La Nails, a UK based company. I also have them on my toes, but I'll spare you those pictures :) The decals stuck on easily and look so smooth and seemless. My advice would be to add them when your topcoat is wet for extra staying power. I did this on my toes and you can't tell they are decals. On my nails, I added them when my topcoat was dry and you can see the edges a bit. They also sent me some water decals and I'm super excited to use those soon and will share the results. 

Cult Nails: Party Time with Mayhem holo top coat. 
Slightly out of focus in the sun to show off the holo-y goodness :)

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