Friday, August 23, 2013

NOTD: Coco Allure Red Hot Thermal Color Changing Polish

6 Week Mani Challenge Week 4: Gradient

Thermal polishes are becoming more and more popular as people like myself are fascinated at the idea of an ombre effect on your nails with no effort! I had seen this Coco Allure Red Hot one on a few swap boards and thought I would try it out. At body temperature it is a soft pink jelly with blue hex and purple glitter. Once it gets cold, this changes into a royal purple jelly!

This polish would work best on someone who keeps their nails at a long length. This gives you the optimum chance for your polish to be two tone without any effort.

Application was smooth and it was a great formula and I didn't have to do any fishing for the glitter. I was a bit disappointed that my nails were too short so the color change wouldn't happen naturally on me. I had to dip my nails in cold water to get it to change. While an awesome party trick, I don't think I'll keep this one in my stash simply because I wear short nails most of the time. If you have longer nails, this should be on your try list!  

At body temperature. Excuse the ugly tear on my pointer finger, that thing is still recovering from its hangnail! 

Half dipped in ice water

Fully dipped in ice water

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