Saturday, August 31, 2013

Must visit!!

I am at my parents house for the weekend babysitting so I don't have my usual arsenal of photography equipment and blogging time. However, I could not wait to tell you of a new indie maker I have coming up on my blog. 

Laura has started her own line, Colors by Laura K which can be found at She is running a launch sale until the end of September with the code cblklaunch13. GO USE that code, you will love her polish!! 

She recently sent me four of these beauties to swatch and test and I have been in heaven with them. I'm giving them all a nice few days of wear so I can give her good feedback, but I am super impressed with the three I've had on so far. 

My favorite of the bunch is a color called He Took Me to a Leafs Game. It is a blue holo with holographic glitter to give it an indoor punch. The formula was so perfect on this one that it is already stocked with some of her LE runs. Here is a quick iPhone teaser picture until I get back to the heavy equipment at home. I just bought myself a full size of this one too!! 

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