Thursday, August 8, 2013

Julep Mystery Box Reveal

Julep offered a Golden Mystery box as part of their August Secret Store. Since it was their anniversary month we suspected it would be a special box and had a value of $24 higher than the usual box. I bought one to see if I could restore my faith in mystery boxes and here is my box:

Julep Everyday Hand Creme, Belina Button Bracelet, Julep: Nan, Jane, Anne, and Maria, Julep Oxygen Treatment

Julep: Nan, Jane, Anne, and Maria

Overall I am pleased with this box. I can always use a good unscented handcreme and I have been eyeing Anne for a while but had debated buying it several times. Nan is a cross between a red and a slight burnt orange undertone. It is understated and I like that. Jane is similar to Hilary which I adore and will get a lot of use. The only polish I'm wavering about it Maria because it is a metallic frost pink with purple undertones. Someone suggested to me that it might make a good nail art or stamping polish and I agree so I am going to keep it instead of swapping it. 

Last night I tried the Oxygen Treatment to see if the formula was goopy or not. It seemed a bit thick, but not too goopy. However, it either dried fast or was goopier than I thought because I had problems getting it to spread all the way to the tips. This treatment is meant to be worn alone to help oxygenate the nail beds. I rarely go with naked nails lately so I'm not sure how much use it will get. 

I'm not sure I will continue to get mystery boxes, but this was a box I don't regret.

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  1. Love this box you got :)

    xoxo, charlene