Saturday, July 13, 2013

TOD & NOTD twofer: Neon Freckles and Casual Friday

Right after I make the great spiel about being on my toes with my blog I run off and skip a day! As an apology here is a twofer from the last two days.

I picked up this polish about a week ago after lusting after it for two weeks. Neon Freckles is made by Indie polish maker Lush Lacquer. I found them while surfing around on Etsy and was originally drawn in by their Neon Lights polish. Both have neon translucent glitter suspended in an easy to apply base. I ended up buying Neon Freckles over Neon Lights because of the versatility.

The makers of this polish are unique because it is a mother daughter team! I thought that was so cute when I went to purchase this and puttered around their site a bit :)

Lights is suspended in a creamy white base making it an all in one polish. Freckles comes in a clear base making it a topper over white polish if you want the same look. I liked the idea that Freckles could be worn over anything which is why it won the debate!

When I pulled it out of the package, I immediately swatched it over my pinkie when I had my OPI summer mani. It looked amazing over Highlight of my Summer! For my first full mani with this, I wanted to swatch it over white to highlight just how amazing this polish is. I used a silver accent nail for some variety, but I would have been happy with a full white mani with this. I need to get a new nail cleanup brush because my acetone destroyed mine part of the way through cleanup on this mani.

Two coats of Neon Freckles over Salon Perfect Sugar Cube and Pure Ice Silver Star. Ignore the weird ring finger. My topcoat did some weird texture thing to it. 

Yesterday also was my first day back to work after my jewelry show and our big computer overhaul. It was casual Friday so I opted for a cute blouse and some white denim. I forgot to take a picture before work so my pants are little worn from sitting at my desk all day and running errands after work. 

Top: Banana Republic clearance- Pants: American Eagle clearance - Shoes: Antonio Milani at Dillards - Earrings: bought by a friend in India :) 

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